How To Use The Breach Ability In Company Of Heroes 3

The Company of Heroes 3 Breach ability is a new feature that permits a unit to occupy a building by attacking the residing garrison...

The Company of Heroes 3 Breach ability is a new feature that allows a unit to occupy a building by attacking the residing Garrison. This ability forces them out of the building and holds a solid defensive position. However, players can’t use the ability anytime after attacking the garrison building, as all the units don’t possess this ability.

The breach ability in CoH 3 has received a mixed review from the players. There are times when players find this good for their gameplay. However, this ability is sometimes useless and doesn’t affect the game. This guide will discuss in detail how this new breaching feature works and its pros and cons in Company of Heroes 3.

How does the breaching mechanism work?

The breach ability is an excellent help in countering the enemy’s unit that has occupied the building you want to conquer. However, this ability has added more responsibility over players’ heads as they now have to judge themselves whether using the breaching ability will work for their unit or if the unit may not survive.

For a unit to occupy a building, it must give at least 50% or more damage to the residing Garrison.

The Breach ability in Company of Heroes 3 requires players to use the same munitions as required for grenades. As players enter the building and use the Breach to force the residing Garrison out, they may leave it before you have used it.

As players use Breach, the defenders get to know it, which may waste your ability. Therefore, you must be extremely careful when to use it.

A major issue you may face while breaching is long animation. In CoH 3, most players face this issue: when they breach, they get stuck, which is extremely dangerous for their unit. The defending unit then counter-attacks, which they won’t be able to defend.

How to use Breach ability in Company of Heroes 3

 In CoH 3, any unit that has an explosive anti-personnel grenade can breach. With this breaching ability, the squad can enter any house and then conquer that place by triggering this ability which will cost them a few munitions.

When a unit breaches in Company of Heroes 3, it throws its grenade into the building, and therefore the Garrison in the building must leave. Eventually, you will get a solid defensive position once the defending Garrison has left the building.

A Rifleman Squad (260 Manpower, 7 Pop) in CoH 3 can breach the building and force the enemies out. This six men’s squad is perfect for medium-range combat, costing 25 Munitions to trigger the breach ability. The unit is customized through Infantry Support Center, Barracks, and other squad upgrades.