How To Capture Airfields In Company Of Heroes 3

In Company of Heroes 3, players will find different Airfields that they can capture and use to upgrade their weapons and attacks.

If you are looking for ways to upgrade your weapons and firepower in Company of Heroes 3, always keep an eye out for Airfields on the map.

They are small but heavily defended locations, so you cannot simply send in random units to capture Airfields. You need special units to do the job, which might require an investment from your end.

However, all of this effort will be worth it because Company of Heroes 3 Airfields give you a massive advantage, at least once you have captured them.

How to capture the Airfield

As players decide to capture an Airfield in Company of Heroes 3, they should remember that although it seems small, it isn’t easy. Players here will encounter heavy defenses as they try to capture any airfield in COH3.

To capture the Airfield, you must have a P-47 Thunderbolt fighter, a C-47 Douglas transport, and a B-25 Mitchel Bomber. As they enter the airfield, players must first attack the enemy aircraft. A P-47 Thunderbolt fighter will help the players to combat the enemy aircraft in Company of Heroes 3. 

A C-47 will aid players against the enemy’s strong defense. This can drop Airborne units behind enemy lines. Lastly, P-47 is very useful as it softens the enemy’s hard points as you decide to attack and are ready.

A P-47 Thunderbolt fighter and B-25 Mitchel Bomber will require players an extra Tech for the purchase. Still, you can immediately build Reconnaissance and Transport planes in Company of Heroes 3. 

In Company of Heroes 3, any unit can capture an airfield. Still, Airborne units can only be dropped if they are currently stationed there, so players are highly recommended to capture them with their Paratroopers.

As players can perform multiple Airfield abilities at a time, therefore it’s best if players first use the Reconnaissance and then drop paratrooper if it’s safe and there’s no enemy. Players should be cautious when sending their planes because Company of Heroes 3 is full of anti-aircraft guns.

Airfield advantages and benefits

Once players have captured the Airfield in Company of Heroes 3, they will get a few fantastic upgrades to help them in their following tasks. After capturing the Airfield, players can purchase an L2 grasshopper reconnaissance plane that can loiter over the map and reveal the enemy location to the players.

Bombing Run and Paradrop can also be significant for players to resist the enemies’ defense. You can unlock both after capturing an COH3 airfield. Paradrop helps players to conquer a specified distance but to unlock Paradrop, players first need a Transport plane and also get their Special force unit specialized in the airfield.