Company of Heroes 2 Vehicles Guide – Tanks, Light and Heavy

In Company of Heroes 2, vehicles only have armor on the front and the rear end. Comparatively, front armor is much stronger than the rear armor. Therefore, it is a good idea to attack the rear end of the vehicles whether with a medium tank or with infantry squads with anti-tank weapons.

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While using a vehicle itself, by holding the right mouse button, you can order a unit to change the facing of your vehicle which is very useful in these kind of situations.

Most vehicles are able to crush objects like trees, fences or sandbags while heavy vehicles can even crush walls and hedgerows. Tanks can also crush your infantry squad.

Without the influence of any order, your infantry squad will automatically move away from the path of the tanks. However, if you order them to move to a position which intersects with the path of an oncoming tank then they are most likely to get crushed by that tank.

Note: Retreating squads can’t be crushed.

Tanks with Turrets
Tanks with the turrets have the huge advantage of constantly moving around the enemy troops while firing at them. Vehicles that lack turrets like SU-76, SU-85 and StuG usually have trouble dealing with the vehicles with turrets.

In this kind of situation, you can always order your vehicle to move in the opposite direction.

Take the example of a T-34 arriving from the front-left side of StuG aiming to shoot at its left side. What you can do in this situation is to order your StuG to reverse in back-right position, this will allow your StuG to turn normally while keeping a safe distance from the T-34, evading its fires.

The Heavy Vehicles
In Company of Heroes 2, Tiger and IS-2 are two super heavy tanks. There is not even a single unit that stand a chance against these beasts.

Although these vehicles have a strong armor and a lot of HP, you should not consider assaulting the enemy territory head-on.

Though attacking head-on is not recommended by us, however, if you still wish to do so then you can always take out a weaker target and then ‘Soft Retreat’ to some safe area to repair them and then do the same thing again.

Note: Both Tiger and IS-2 can be taken out by T-34 and Panzerfaust respectively.

When it comes to attacking these heavy tanks, you should consider getting yourself an ISU-152 or Elefant.

Both of them consume a large amount of fuel and will still lose in one-on-one combat with Tiger or IS-2. Their main advantage is their range; ISU-152 and Elefant has more range than any other weapon in the game.

Use this to your advantage and attack the heavy tanks first with AT Guns and mines and then use ISU-152s on them from a long range.

Note: Don’t send in just one unit to keep off a heavy tank unless you wish it to be destroyed. Instead, send in all the units simultaneously.

ISU-152s and Elefants have lengthy reload times and this allows them to change their position after a shot. Also, don’t forget to come to a halt before firing again so that you don’t get any accuracy disadvantage.

Attacking Light Vehicles
While confronting light vehicles, it is a better to damage their engines with something prior to taking them out else they will escape your attacks.

You may also try a German Scout Car with upgraded cannon for this purpose i.e. taking out light vehicles. These upgraded cars can beat any light vehicle out there and can do a good amount of damage to the heavy tanks too.

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