Company of Heroes 2 Mortars Guide – Placement and Smoke

The best way to place a mortar in Company of Heroes 2 is to couple it with a HMG as it can take out the enemy squads which are suppressed by mortar. However, mortars are not limited to this only.

Suppose the enemies have placed a HMG in such a position that you are unable to take it out. Fire a smoke barrage in front of it and order your infantry unit to charge on it. In this way, it will be finished before it can react.

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You can also use the same tactic to get a damaged vehicle to safety being continuously attacked by enemy AT Guns. Just fire a smoke barrage between your vehicle and the enemy AT Gun and it will stop attacking your vehicle.

Not only this, but you can also force enemy infantry squad attacking your base to ‘Retreat’ if you use the standard barrage. Another situation in which it can come handy is when enemy has garrisoned a HMG in a building. Just keep shooting the building until the HMG is forced to leave that building or the building is completely destroyed.

During a blizzard, aim the enemy campfire to kill any enemy squads nearby and destroy the camp fire itself.

Mortars are also very effective in taking out enemy’s light vehicles like Half-tracks and Scout Cars. But they will have be in a non-mobile stance for a long time for this to happen. Or you can always use AT Guns to damage their engines and slow them down followed by a mortar fire.

It is also a good idea to target the vehicles being repaired by engineers or Pioneers. Even if they dodge your shots, they are most likely to ‘Retreat’ from the area leaving the vehicles vulnerable.

Mortars are the best supporting units in my opinion as they don’t have to take a specific position. A well-positioned mortar can engage many enemy positions at the same time.

Another use of mortar is to target infantry units with it. Infantry units are slow moving units and have a few places to hide while mortars have high angles of trajectory allowing them to drop shots directly onto the enemy’s hiding spots.

Mortar Placement
Just like the HMG, the worst you can do while positioning your mortar is to place it on the front line of your base. The better idea would be to place it behind the front line of your base with a few buildings or some areas which can’t be crossed in front of it.

The excellent position would be to place it with cover with a few field defenses and squad members to protect it from enemy attacks.

Mortar Smoke
Mortar smoke is a powerful ability due to the addition of TrueSight. Here are a few uses of Mortar Smoke:

  • Fire it on enemy HMG or AT Guns to disturb their vision and then attack it directly with infantry.
  • Fire it near your damaged vehicle to assist in escaping the enemy troops.
  • Fire it near your squad being pinned down to aid them in escaping the area.
  • Fire it between covers to make sure your sniper gets from one cover to another safely.
  • Fire it at the entrance of a building to prevent enemies from seeing your HMGs or squad members garrisoning it.
  • While capturing a point, fire it at enemy HMGs to ease the process of capping.
  • Fire it near your Engineers or Pioneers to safely place mines in an area.

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