Company of Heroes 2 Infantry Guide – Anti-Tank, Healing, Casualties and Mobile

While controlling the infantry squads, it is a good idea to take a cover and then keep your units static. Continuously keeping your units in actions affects their accuracy.

You should only consider about moving when you are engaged in a close combat or dodging enemy grenades or while moving to a new cover. For more help on Company of Heroes 2, read our Snipers, Vehicles and Units Control Guide.

Combat engineers can easily lose while attacking Pioneers so try to avoid these kind of engagements if you could. However, if you get yourself a proper cover then you are most likely to have things go your way.

While playing as Soviets, try to keep those Pioneers at arm’s length while capturing a point and try your best to stay out of situations that forces you to retreat.

Anti-Tank Infantry
While controlling the Anti-Tank infantry units, it is always advised to memorize the reload timings of certain heavy tanks. In this way, you will be able to escape their fires by taking a cover or moving away from the targeted location.

Your weapons tend to do more damage from a close-range as the accuracy is better but make sure not to stand too close to get crushed by those vehicles.

Along with memorizing the reload timings of tanks, try and learn the reload timings of your weapons and after firing, get behind a cover to reload so that you may not get caught by one of the tanks.

Pursuing a vehicle is a bad idea unless you are sure that they will only take a one or two shots to get destroyed. This makes sense because vehicles with a damaged engine tend to move more slowly. Also make sure that you are not walking into a death trap like HMGs.

Healing Infantry
Soviets HQ Healing and German Healing Bunker provides healing facilities to the nearby downed infantry squad members. Company of Heroes 2 features the concept of associated HP; meaning that you will sometimes come across a situation that will have a fully reinforced squad but with only 50% HP.

Both Soviets HQ Healing and German Healing Bunker addresses this situation and it is worth investing in these squads.
Reinforcing the Infantry Squad:

German Command Bunkers and Half-tracks are two best ways to reinforce your infantry squads without having the need to go back to your home base.

For instance, your enemy squad has ten infantry units while you have 5. If you keep on reinforcing your units while staying in the same position and forcing the enemy units to ‘Retreat’ at the same time, you will be able to have a stronger army with relatively less resources.

Sometimes, during a war, your enemies will get badly wounded and will stay in the battlefield. In such cases, enemies will be able to interrogate these wounded soldiers like German Infantry Squad (Jaeger Infantry Commander’s G43) to know the whereabouts of your other units.

The main highlight of Conscript is that they can build field defenses like sandbag walls at some important points like Fuel Points at the start of the game while Grenadiers and MGs require tier 1 building.

Pioneers are unable to fight Conscripts in an effective way so make most out of this thing.

German players using tier 2 at the start with Panzergrenadiers can be kept off by building a bunch of sandbags with
Conscripts behind them.

While retreating a Conscript squad that is not in an eminent danger of being completely wiped out – think about merging half of its squad members with an infantry squad nearby. Although it is not advised to lose a complete unit by merging them all but if you have 4 men then it is better to merge two of them.

While engaging Panzergrenadiers without Panzerschrecks, you best bet is to remain behind a cover and keep static.

In any other scenario, your Conscripts will be wiped out unless you are outnumbering them by one against two or more. And if they have Panzerschrecks, then again the best idea is to remain hidden and avoid those grenades and call for a backup.

Conscripts stand a very good chance winning against Pioneers unless they are equipped with Flamethrowers. In that case, opt for a similar strategy you used against Panzergrenadiers.

Mobile Infantry
While controlling a mobile force like Conscript-heavy army blended with a bunch of HMGs and Grenadiers, don’t take on the fight directly.

Just get behind enemy lines and start harassing their sectors. And they will eventually leave their front lines to fight you giving you an opportunity to capture that area.

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