Company of Heroes 2 – How To Setup Field Defenses

The field defenses like sandbags and barbed wires are totally free to build but they do take time and few units to build them. There are other field defenses like mines that require some munitions like firearms and explosives, etc.

Field defenses can be built in areas with no eminent threats. As it prepares you if enemies get to your field by surprise and hence you will be able to protect that area even without your units.

Unlike some abilities, these defenses also don’t require any kind of maintenance or some specific cooldown time. For more help on Company of Heroes 2, read our Units Control, Vehicles, and Counter Strategy Guide.

Along with building them in a separate area, mines can be placed with some other defenses that will greatly increase your chances of taking down your enemy with an element of surprise.

Like, you can place some mines in an area where you think your enemies will most likely to hide for cover and then get good of them. Or you can place your mines near a barbed wire, so if your enemies try to cross them in vehicles, they will fall for that.

Another thing you can do is to leave a gap between your barbed wire and place a mine in that spot. If you are lucky, your enemy will definitely fall for this trap and will be gone for good. You can always do this twice if you think your enemy will make the same mistake again.

Or you can use this to know the movement of your enemies. After placing a mine in the gap a number of time, your enemy will not make the mistake of crossing that area even if you have not placed any mines there. In this way, you can somewhat judge the position of your enemy.

Some other excellent locations for placing mines is near the doors of garrisons and near some abandoned vehicles which your enemies will most likely try and gain control of.

While placing the mines, it is a bad idea to place them very close to one another. In this way, the total impact of explosion will be suppressed as the first exploding mine will trigger the other. Place them at a distance; so that each one of them does its own damage.

But there are certain situations when you should place them together. For example, when taking out a vehicle, you should place two mines close to one another so that their joint impact does maximum damage to that mobile.

Only placing mines at choke points is a bad idea as the enemy’s minesweeper squad is most likely to notice them. In addition to the mines, try placing AT gun, mortars and HMG. In this way, you will do maximum damage to enemy squad and their vehicles and eventually finish them off.

Also, placing mines in capture zones is a good idea as your enemies will certainly try and get control of them at one point or another. Even if your mines don’t yield a good amount of damage, they will certainly force enemy squads to retreat.

Note: Placing your mines near your own units can be very fatal as your tanks or mortars can trigger them which will not turn out to be good for you.

How to setup other Field Defenses
Directly crossing a mine with your units is more of a danger if you are out of anything that will destroy them. Instead fallback to your headquarters and detonate the mines on your way back with your squads. In this way, we will have to face minimum damage.

Enemies with Pioneers and Combat engineers are most likely to cut down your barbed wires as they have wire cutters with them. So it is a good idea to have a mortar lying there and use it on them before they breach your defenses.

Another great way of placing barbed wires is to place them near the areas where enemies are most probably going to take cover like a sandbag wall. Constructing barbed wires there will prevent enemies from using that area as a cover.

Hedgerows and fences can easily be destroyed by tanks or mines; hence, weakening the enemy defenses. Infantry units are capable of crossing over them but not the guns like mortars and HMGs. So it is better to destroy them.

Placing Trip Wire Flares near Demolition charges is a good strategy as it will allow you to know when to detonate them. In this way, you will save a unit from keeping an eye on them.

Holding Buildings
Squads residing in buildings are immune to almost everything except grenades and flamethrowers. Vehicles are unable to crush through the buildings and their firearms will not do that much of a damage. It is a very good idea to move your units inside a building while they are being attacked by MG.

The buildings will devastate if the total HP has reached zero and it will kill any units inside it. Mortars can destroy a building quite easily. So it is a good idea to keep an eye on the total HP of the building and if it’s near to zero, evacuate it immediately.

Your squads in the buildings can only fire through windows, holes or rooftops. There are some buildings without these spots. In that case, the enemy unit will be free to attack your squads without having to worry about a reaction. So better to look for these spots before allowing your troops to get in those buildings.

While attacking the buildings, it is advised that you do not damage buildings so much that it will destroy the blind spots (A building without any area of firing back) of that building allowing your enemies to fight back.

The units that you should place in the buildings should be HMGs, snipers and infantry units with long-range of sight so as to destroy an incoming troops from a long-range.

While placing them from one area to another in a building, HMGs need to be set up and pack up again.

Snipers work excellent even in a building but they will lose the ability to find themselves a proper cover and hence will be vulnerable.

For leaving a building, you can always click on the building and then click ‘Leave Building’ option or using the ‘U’ hotkey, you can order your troop to move to a different destination.

There are multiple doors for entering and leaving a building – which comes in very handy while escaping your enemy and avoiding enemy fire. However, while leaving a building the unit will exit through the door which will be closest to their destination.

Also, when ordering HMGs to exit a building, make sure to set their destination a bit far and not on the doorstep of the building.

It may sound quite obvious but larger a building, the more difficult it will be to destroy it. Keep that in mind!

TrueSight, Engaging and Countering Enemy
Do not send in more than one unit to discover an area even if you have more than one unit available with you. In this way, you will refrain enemies from seeing all your units.

Long buildings have better spots and clear lines of sight. Smoke can come in quite handy for disturbing enemy’s line of sight.

Capture a point with your infantry squad and then load it into the half-track and then move to capture another point. If you will keep on capturing one point after another, your enemy is most likely to assume that you have a very large force.

Use your snipers to get an idea of your enemy’s location and then attack them from mortars placed at a safe location. Sniper are good at hiding themselves, so they are best in this supporting role.

How To Defend and Attack in Cold Weather
Just as the game starts, use your vehicles to crush your enemy’s campfires. In this way, you will threat your enemies with freezing cold weather.

Having the possession of AT guns, mortars and tanks, you should target the enemy buildings so that they can’t use it to their advantage.

Building craters using Attack Ground units, tanks, and artillery to withstand the temperature.

Tanks and other units can create holes in the ice, thus making it impossible for enemy units to cross that area and they might even fall in that cold water to their death.

Markings on the ice can give you an idea about your enemy’s position. In this way, you will know whether a sniper or other units are hiding behind a building waiting for you.

Listening Enemy Movement is Difficult But Handy
You can always listen to the sounds of enemy’s movement like the movement of the tanks or vehicles, shots of a sniper or of a mortar firing and plan your attack to counter their movement.

Where To Place Production Buildings
It is a good idea to place the production buildings near your base – in this way you will reinforce your troops while walking between your headquarters and the building.

Also allowing several units to speed up construction of a building is very helpful.

How To Manage Resources
In Company of Heroes 2, it is a good idea to keep your population to a minimal level so you don’t have to sacrifice your battlefield superiority.

This game features an upkeep mechanism, meaning as your population increases, your manpower income will decrease.

Therefore, it is a bad idea to keep your resources saved unless you are planning on buying some specific units, of course. But it is always advised to have more units on the battlefield then to have more resources at your disposal.

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