Company of Heroes 2 Errors, Crashes, SLI/Crossfire, Screen, Sound and Launch Fixes

THQ might be a history now, but Company of Heroes isn’t as SEGA secured all the rights in January and promised fans to deliver the sequel we all have been waiting for.

I am talking about Company of Heroes 2 and after its prolonged beta phase, the full game has finally been released. If you have played the original Company of Heroes, I don’t think that you would want to miss its second iteration.

Although, Relic Entertainment has been hard at work to bring a stable experience to the community at launch but big games tend to be affected by minor issues due to hardware and software diversity in the modern age.

If you are experiencing any issues like bugs, errors or crashes and looking for a solution, you have landed on the right place. You can browse through the following listing and search for the concerned possible solution.

#1 Company of Heroes 2 SLI/Crossfire Issues
The games seems to be optimized for single GPU working. So, if you are using a SLI/Crossfire, you should try disabling it and run the game using single GPU. This should fix the frame rate issues for you.

Probably, Relic will come up with a fix later on.


#2 Company of Heroes 2 – Full Screen Fix
If you haven’t been able to run the game in full screen properly, make sure that you aren’t running applications like Teamviewer in the background. If you still want to keep it running while playing the game, you can choose to turn off the share button.

#3 Company of Heroes – Compatibility Error on Launch Fix
Steam sometimes tend to run in the compatibility mode even if you don’t want it to. However, if you are looking for a fix, you can refer to this link for the solution.

#4 Company of Heroes 2 – Pre-Load Issues
If you have pre-loaded the game and the game is out in your region but still you are unable to launch it then, you should restart your Steam. Restarting the client should fix the issue for you.

#5 Company of Heroes 2 Error – Windows/system32/sensapi.dll
If you have come across this error, you can use the instructions mentioned in this link to resolve the issue.

#6 Company of Heroes 2 – Sound Bug Fix
If you are using language other than English, there is possibility that you may experience weird vehicle sounds. As a temporary fix, you should switch the language to English.

The problem occurred after the patch and it might be fixed in the next update.

#7 Company of Heroes 2 – Crash Report #160986 Fix
If you are experiencing this crash, make sure that you are using the latest version of the GPU drivers even if the game was running fine in beta.

#8 Company of Heroes 2 – Black Screen Fix
If you are using the latest version of the drivers and still getting a black screen, you should try running the game as administrator.

#9 Company of Heroes 2 – Disk Installation Problem
If you own a retail disc and aren’t able to install it from the physical media as it starts downloading using Steam then, you should disable the internet, quit Steam and install it.

After installation, you will have to download the latest patch to play the game anyway.

#10 Company of Heroes 2 – Game Crashes in Mission 2
Well, if your game is being crashed during the campaign randomly, you should try playing it again after restarting Steam. If the game still crashes, verify the integrity of your game files.

Still no luck? i will recommend a fresh re-install.

If you come across any other issues while playing Company of Heroes 2, comment and we will try to help you out.

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