Company of Heroes 2 Counter Strategy Guide – How To

Company of Heroes 2 is a strategic gem, and a smart enemy will try to capitalize on that aspect in the early stages of the game. Imagine a situation in which you don’t have much of fire power, and an enemy attacks you, what will you do to counter that? How will you hold your defensive position and keep minimum casualties?

These are the questions you need to respond to while playing Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer. For example, in this particular situation, you can make your own weapon teams and artillery units and try to keep the enemy troops at an arm’s length.

Keep them engaged from a long-range. In this way, you will suffer from minimal deaths of your squad and have greater chances of keeping your position.

Company of Heroes 2 Counter Strategy Tips

Counter strategy is essential to your survival against opponents in Company of Heroes 2 and that will be the focus of this guide moving forward. We will be providing you with general counters to different strategic maneuvers in the game so you can respond appropriately to a given situation.

How To Counter Enemy Snipers
What if enemy sends an sniper unit which keeps killing your infantry units preventing them from advancing in the terrain? One way to handle this situation is to charge directly at the sniper with your infantry units. But only when you are sure that he is not being supported by other units.

A much better solution would be call in your own sniper and try to counter-snipe him by forcing him to fire first. Giving your mortar a chance might also work in your favor.

Alternatively, you can charge at it with a light vehicle like a Scout Car or a Half-track. But first make sure that he does not have any anti-vehicle units around.

How To Counter Enemy Mortars
What if an enemy strategically places a mortar to constantly damage your defenses? In that case, first thought that should come to your mind is abandoning that area temporarily but if you don’t want to do that then you should order your squads to keep moving.

Lay some mines in that area and make your enemy believe that you have abandoned the point and when they come to capture it. Counter-attack them!

You can also try to take it out by using your own mortar but that will not always grant you success. You can also try charging it with your mobile squad like infantry units or light vehicles but if your enemy is even a little smart, he will expect this move.

Assault them directly to divert their attention from support firing weapons and then take your original position and take out that mortar or artillery. Ideally, this should be done from several directions!

How To Gain Control of Heavily Guarded Cut-off/Area
What if your enemy gains control of your cut-off and is now defending it with several HMGs, infantry units and garrisoned buildings? In that case, a new player in the game will most probably try to tackle this by sending in some infantry units for a head-on attack but this will certainly lead to the worst scenario ever i.e. Retreating.

Instead, try using snipers and mortars to force those units garrisoning the buildings or completely turn them to dust and then send in your tanks and artillery to clear the area. However, the best solution is the usage of grenades and infantry units equipped with Flamethrowers.

How To Counter Anti-Vehicle Weapons
There are two kinds of anti-vehicle weapons that you should be concerned about. One does damage and the second can disable your vehicle completely:

  • Panzerschrecks, Guards Rifle infantry, AT Guns and tanks. (Damaging)
  • Soviet AT grenades, German Panzerfausts and mines. (Disabling)

The first kind of anti-vehicle weapons (Panzerschrecks, Guards Rifle infantry, AT Guns and tanks) can be escaped with an assault vehicle having more speed so you should be more worried about the 2nd kind. However, if you are controlling a heavy tank, you should be more worried about the first kind as they do a considerable amount of damage if they are not destroyed.

How To Capitalize on Your Battlefield Superiority
What if you are lagging behind in territory but have overall battlefield superiority advantage? In that case, first thing you should do is to get to the enemy’s cut-off points and de-cap them as soon as possible.

You also need to limit the enemy resource income by pushing the frontline as hard as you can. Having an overall battlefield superiority advantage, you should try and restrict the resources you enemy gets rather than getting them yourself.

How To Capitalize on Territorial Superiority
What if you are lagging behind in battlefield but have more territory? In that case, the most important thing to do in this scenario is to attack your enemy troops for a while and then retreat.

Scatter your troops in a way that you are able to attack enemy from everywhere!

Keeping the resource income at the same time is very important. However, like I have advised above, if he tries to get to your cut-off points then limit his resources from the areas near his base and maintain your units until you have gathered enough resources to plan a counter-attack.

How To Defeat Superior Defensive Enemy With Superior Mobile Force
You can tackle a superior defensive enemy force with a superior mobile force? In that case, take advantage of your mobile units and attack your enemy from multiple spots at the same time forcing him to divide his squads.

Also make sure to engage the enemy frontline because you don’t want the troops to take your cut-off points.

Company of Heroes 2 Strategy and Tips

Instead of selecting a group of units and giving them all an order. Try to select as many units as you can individually. Either sending the vehicles without any support or sending them before other squads.

Ask yourself whether it is a better idea to detonate a mine with a vehicle or infantry unit? Most of you will say, with a vehicle as it can be repaired. You are wrong!

Sending in infantry squad first to hold off an area is a good idea because even if they get stuck in a bad situation, you can always ‘Retreat’ but mines will damage the vehicles engine making it slow to move. And if your enemy has anti-vehicle weapons then your vehicle will be gone for good.

After reinforcing your squads, sending them to the same area to join the battle once again is not ideal. If your enemy is even a little skillful, he will expect this and will fortify that area with mines and other supporting units. So it is better to take your time and hit him where he is least expecting it.

Keeping your own troops alive than killing enemy troops is of more importance. After you realize that a battle is over, don’t keep on fighting and get your units killed. Just ‘Retreat’!

It is always better to know the location of your enemy and his weaknesses. Getting advantage from those weaknesses will always work in your favour. Try to practice that!

Continuing to seize the ground even after winning a major battle and forcing enemy to ‘Retreat’. You need to give it a little time. Instead of scattering your units across the map, it is a better idea to converge them for the oncoming battle.

Do not try to heal your squad members or repair your vehicles as soon as you have forced your enemy to ‘Retreat’. First, try to capture the enemy points and then heal your units or repair your vehicles. However, it is always better to have a few units ready for the enemy counter-attack.

So there you have it, these are some of the mistakes that an average player tends to make while playing the game. Know that, these minor decisions can turn the tides and the fate of the game.

If you have any questions regarding anything, do let us know in the Comment Section below!

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