Company of Heroes 2 Anti-Tank Guns and Howitzers Guide

Anti-tank guns in Company of Heroes 2 are team weapons that require more than one man to operate. Anti-tank guns are used for taking out enemy vehicles.

These guns can destroy moving and static vehicles alike. Their range and accuracy make them one of their kind. However, their placement and units controlling them make a huge difference.

Howitzers are also team weapons and are one of the most deadly artillery weapons available in the game.

They can prove to be fatal even for targets at a very long range. It can completely destroy buildings, infantry units and vehicles. Continue reading below for a detailed take on AT Guns and Howitzers.

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AT Guns
The most important thing while using Anti-Tank Guns is to have a good idea about the arc of your shots. Whether they will reach the path incoming vehicles are taking or not? And how many shots will a particular vehicle will take to get destruct.

In the hands of a fairly trained soldier, AT Guns can prove to be very fatal against enemy tanks and troops alike. They can not only hit the tanks but other enemy weaknesses with amazing accuracy. AT Guns can sometimes be considered as super heavy sniper rifles owning to their decent accuracy.

It is always advised to place an AT Gun in a way that it targets the path of the incoming vehicle while several other AT Guns aiming at the body of the vehicle directly. Using several AT Guns in such a way that they provide support to each other in very crucial in a war.

Another thing to keep in mind is that keeping several AT Guns very close to each other is a very bad idea since they will become an easy target for tanks and artillery.

What you want to do is to place these guns in such a way that their lines of sight intersect with each other or in a way that form a large triangle. In this way, these will be able to protect each other.

While trying a position for a Howitzer – make sure you choose a position so that make almost impossible for the enemy squads to attack it.

Your best bet is to construct your base buildings quite close to one another and then build a Howitzer in the midst of them. In this way, you will be able to reduce the line of sight that the enemies might use to attack it.

Another tactic you can use is to place mines near the location of your Howitzer so that you are well prepared for the vehicles coming to crush it.

Enemy infantry units are another squad that can put your Howitzer in danger. So make sure to put it in the range of your MG.

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