Company of Heroes 2 Advanced Tactics and Strategy Guide

Even knowing about the enemy units and the ones at your disposal might not be enough to get you victory conditions. Having amazing reaction time and the ability to act quickly does not matter much in this game. Planning a better strategy and game plan is always superior to having faster response time.

Company of Heroes 2 Advanced Tactics and Strategy





By reading through the above guides, you will learn all the basic tactics in the game and it is high time you learn those tactics that will change the course of you game within seconds.

There are certain things that you will only learn by playing the game. So don’t give up hope if things are not going your way. Everyone was a beginner at some point! Learn from your mistakes and then plan your strategy accordingly.

Learning is an important factor in this game. Try to learn not only from your own mistakes but from the other players as well especially the good ones. See how they do things and then try to copy their play style before making your own.

You may come across some situations where your decisions will matter the most. Some of these situations can be read thoroughly in our other guide.

For example; How to tackle an incoming enemy force without having almost no weapons teams or artillery and maintain the defensive position? Or how take out a German Half-track with Flame Projectors without sacrificing your infantry unit troops?

Also take a look at most common mistakes made by players who have just started playing the game! That will also give you a good idea as to which things you should avoid doing right from the beginning.

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