Commit Suicide to Get Infinite Health in Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is not an easy game to play, especially if you have the skill level of a pine tree. Shots come from every direction as soon as you enter the “Battlefield.”

But, what if I tell you there is a way you can be invincible, immune to damage? No amount of damage from Laser Blasters is enough to take you down.

We have come across a glitch in Star Wars Battlefront that gives you infinite health. Sadly, how exactly it’s triggered is not clear, but players report that flying and crashing an airship to the ground helps. Which of course, instead of killing you gives infinite health.

Time to crash this ship!

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Others also say that “it just happens,” after dying for the 12th time one player went 55-12 in Battlefront once this glitch was triggered.

Try to commit suicide with an airship and see if that gets you the infinite health glitch.

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