Black Ops Cold War Zombies Die Maschine – How to Upgrade DIE Shockwave Wonder Weapon Elemental Variants

In this Black Ops Cold War Zombies DIE Shockwave Wonder Weapon Elemental Variants guide, we’ll explain how to collect all four upgrades for your DIE Shockwave Wonder Weapons in COD BO Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies DIE Shockwave Wonder Weapon Elemental Variants

Unlocking DIE Shockwave weapon after completing the Megaton Key side-quest is not the end of the world.

The real hustle begins when you start upgrading your Wonder Weapon.

You can make four upgrades to DIE Shockwave weapon, Gas, Ice, Fire Bomb, and Electric upgrade.

To unlock each of these upgrades you’ll have to complete certain quests during your gameplay.

The quests for unlocking Gas and Ice upgrade are comparatively easier as compared to those for unlocking Fire Bomb and Electric upgrade.

Gas Upgrade

Also known as Nova-5 Upgrade, your journey for unlocking this upgrade begins on the top floor of the Nacht Der Untoten building.

Make your way to the Mezzanine room, and you’ll find a golden canister lying on the floor.

Pull it close until it’s close enough for you to pick it up.

Then, head downstairs into the weapon room and then make your way to the back of the room.

There, you’ll find another canister on the wall. Place the golden canister on this canister and then try to get a hound to come near to the canister.

Once there’s a hound near to the canister, kill it. When you do that, all of the toxic Nova gas will be sucked into the canister.

Pick up the canister and head to the crash site.

There is a box near the crashed plane. Place the canister on top of it and then destroy it.

Open the box to unlock the Gas upgrade.

Ice Elemental Variant

Once again make your way to the top of the Nacht Der Untoten building and head inside the penthouse.

If you look over the edge of the building, you’ll see a box lying on the ground. If you’re having trouble locating the box, look for a green tarp. The box is nearby.

Open the box and pick up the flask that the box has to offer. Near the box, there is a tree covered in fungus.

Get a zombie near the fungus and make use of its radioactive attack to get the fungus to turn blue. After a very short wait, a blue flask will pop up.

Pick up the blue flask and make your way to the medical facility. Look for another box that’ll be wrapped in chains.

The blue flask will help you open the box, and you’ll successfully unlock the Ice upgrade for the DIE Shockwave weapon.

Fire Bomb Upgrade

Make your way to the pond and then through the Dark Aether portal. Next, head to the crash site.

Underneath the plane, there is a box, and the box contains a fuse. Pick up the fuse. This fuse belongs to the laser cutting machine in the weapons lab.

Without losing any time, get the laser machine to cut the box underneath. Make your way back to the pond.

There’ll be a truck nearby with a box on its bed. Open the box to find the Fire Bomb upgrade.

Electric Variant

Head to the Particle Accelerator and head through the Dark Aether portal found beneath the stairs.

There are several boxes that you’ll have to open, and for that, you’ll be required to farm energy crystals.

These crystals will be found near the crash site, on the top floor of the Nacht Der Untoten building, and near the pond.

You’ll have to suck them to get them near you before collecting them. You can only collect one crystal at a time.

All of the boxes are located on the ground floor of Particle Accelerator. Open all of them after making several trips to collect the crystal for every box.

The electric upgrade will be in the third box that you open.

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