Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Event Challenges Guides

In this Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Event Challenges guide, well be walking you through the nine Outbreak challenges that you can complete to earn a free blueprint in CoD Cold War Zombies Outbreak mode.

Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Event Challenges

The newly introduced Outbreak game mode in Cold War has a set of challenges that you can complete to earn yourself a free Gray Matter Epic Sniper Rifle blueprint.

There are nine Outbreak event challenges that you need to complete before exfiltrating to earn the reward. All of these challenges have to be finished within a single game.

The good news is, the Outbreak mode allows you to team up with up to three other players.

Having three teammates with you in the Outbreak zone will help you complete these challenges much more easily.

Before we take a look at how you can complete each challenge, lets talk about what weapon you should be bringing into the Outbreak zone.


If you’re planning on doing this challenge solo, the D.I.E Shockwave Wonder Weapon is your best bet.

You can obtain this weapon by finishing the four main objectives before reaching round four.

If you do that, Megaton Zombies will start to spawn. These Megaton Zombies have a chance to drop the D.I.E Shockwave Wonder Weapon when they die, so you can basically farm them until you get it.

The other way to get the weapon is to just simply open loot crates until you get it.

Now that thats out of the way lets go over the nine challenges you need to complete in the Outbreak zone.

Successfully Exfil 3 Times
Because of the fact that the more objectives you complete, the more difficult it becomes to exfiltrate, you should Exfil right after you complete your first objective.

Eliminate 250 Zombies
This shouldn’t be a problem since you’ll be fighting tons of zombies in the Outbreak game mode.

Eliminate 10 Elites
Elite zombies include zombies like Krasny Soldat and Megatron etc. The location of Elite zombies can be seen on your map as white skulls inside an inverted triangle.

Eliminate 3 Special Zombies
Special zombies include zombies like the Mimic and Mangler etc. The location of Special zombies can be seen on your map as white skulls with a red outline.

Use Vehicles to Eliminate 100 Zombies
The best vehicles to use for this challenge are the Light Truck and Sedan.

Open 25 Chests
Instead of running around random places to find chests, look for them in the designated Outbreak zones. These areas are the most likely to have chests.

Complete 3 World Events
Each region of the map will have one or more World Events, so you’ll have a lot of opportunities to complete this challenge.

Warp 10 Times
Instead of doing the Exfil after you reach the safe area, keep going through the portal to complete this challenge.

Complete 10 Objectives
As the name of the challenge suggests, you need to complete any 10 main objectives to finish this challenge.

After you complete all nine challenges, make your way to the beacon and use the portal instead of doing the Exfil.

Then, eliminate all the zombies from the Exfil site and then escape the Outbreak zone to complete the entire challenge and to earn your reward.