Code Vein Mistles Locations Guide

In Code Vein, Mistles essentially work as bonfires in Dark Souls games with a lot of useful purposes that we will see in this guide. A Mistle is needed to be activated or rested upon for it to serve as a new checkpoint.

Code Vein Mistles

There are some specific actions that happen when you activate a Mistle:

  • When you rest at a Mistle, it will simply auto-save the game.
  • When you activate a Mistle for the first time, it allows you to map your surroundings.
  • If you use Mistle, it will replenish your Ichor, stamina, and HP. But do keep in mind that it will also make your stock limit to come to normal.
  • Resting at Mistles can revive all enemies except bosses.

Mistles Locations

Below is a list of all the Mistle locations we have discovered in Code Vein:

  • Ruined City Center

In the Ruined city, you will find the first Mistle in the main storyline so you will not miss it. Now the next Mistle you will find is a rotten Mistle (they are of black color) in a big hole in the center of the map, just go down the stairs and you will see it.

Next rotten Mistle will right up the stairs from the area where you will find Hunter Vestige Part A. You will find another normal Mistle during the storyline and another rotten Mistle as well.

  • Howling Pit

The first Mistle will be right at the start. Mistle 2 will be on the right-wing of the map. Mistle 3 is on the left-wing of the map. Mistle 4 will be on the upper side of the map. Right before the end of the map you will see two paths, the right one is for the Mistle and left one is for the boss.

Go to the right and you will see Mistle 5. And at the end of the map, you will go to the left to the boss and after that, you will find Mistle 6.

  • Dried-up Trenches

As you enter the area you will see the first Mistle and as you walk along the same way you will have to jump down on another pathway to the right that will lead you to the Mistle. Now on the same way you will see two paths, on the left there are some boxes, you need to jump down from there and keep going and you will find the third Mistle.

There is a Mistle 4 on the right side of the path where you will go for chest 4. If you go from broken house to the path for Darkseeker vestige and instead of going left, you go right and climb a ladder, then you will find Mistle 5. As you approach the end of the map you will see Mistle 6.

  • Town of Sacrifice

As you start the map you will find the Mistle 1. You will have to go left to an isolated long alley in the map and you will see Mistle 2. On the left part of the map you will find Mistle 3. The final Mistle will be on the right part of the map.

  • Cathedral of the Sacred Blood
  • Memories of Player
  • Area D-12 Ruined City Underground
  • Home Base

The following are all the different actions that you can perform after resting at a Mistle in Code Vein:

  • Tutorial: It will let you replay the tutorial.
  • Storage: It will keep a check and manage your storage.
  • Switch Companion: You can manage and choose the companion of your liking.
  • Save and Exit: At Mistles, you can save your progress of the game and exit to the title screen.
  • Fast Travel: You can use Mistles as teleportation points to fast travel in the game to other Mistles.
  • Acquire Gifts: It will let you unlock new gifts for each blood code. Haze will be required for this too.
  • Level Up: It will increase your level to gain an increase in stats. You might need Haze to increase the level that can be acquired by killing enemies, bosses, or can be found while exploring.

This is all we currently have on Mistles in Code Vein but if more information and uses are discovered, we will update this guide accordingly.