How Difficult Code Vein Is? Judging From Impressions

We've seen a good bit of Code Vein gameplay by now, but just how difficult is it? Here's a brief analysis on the upcoming Bandai Namco JRPG.

Code Vein was originally announced to release around September last year however, The game still doesn’t have any set release date. Just how high is Code Vein’s difficulty though? Multiple people who’ve played it have varying things to say.

Now obviously this isn’t my concrete opinion on the game, rather it’s an assumption I’ve formed based on what the previews have been saying. According to most of these websites and journalists that have played the game, Code Vein is very difficult.

Assuming these people aren’t all Dean Takahashis, the game might be challenging. Let me preface this by saying that I’m not going to be comparing Code Vein to Dark Souls at all since people (including myself) are sick of hearing that. Code Vein is its own game.

Code Vein is a JRPG set in an open post-apocalyptic world after some sort of Armageddon. The story follows the protagonist known simply as “The One” in their adventures through this gothic fantasy land.

The combat of the game is your standard hack and slash but with a mix of restraint and puzzle solving thrown in. You’re basically going through linear levels and fighting plenty of enemies which then culminate into an area boss.

Each boss has their own pattern, their own strengths and their own weaknesses. The skill area of Code Vein demands that you know when to attack, when to wait and when to dodge. This is a standard requirement in any action rpg that focuses combat as an essential gameplay aspect.

The puzzle solving of Code Vein lies in the weapon combination and loadout you use against a boss. As I said, every boss has their own weakness and its upto you to figure that out. Experimenting with different abilities will eventually lead to you second guessing what a boss’ weakness is based on their attributes.

Finally, a layer of strategy in the game is knowing when and how to use your abilities. As a vampire, you rely on extracting the blood of your enemies to empower yourself. How and when you do so is up to you.

A Code Vein release date remains unconfirmed by Bandai Namco assured us that it would be later this year. Code Vein releases on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Here’s some extended Code Vein gameplay.

Besides gameplay, here’s everything we know about Code Vein.

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