Code Vein Has Been Very Well Received So Far By Most PC Players On Steam

The debut of Code Vein on PC via Steam has been very good and this Soulslike with anime art design by Bandai Namco has registered interesting numbers.

The simple Soulslike title that was announced after showing its first official advances was enough for Code Vein to generate a lot of expectation. Now that the title of Bandai Namco is already on the market, it is possible to know some details about its reception and at least on PC, things are going very well.

According to a report from PCGamesN, the debut of Code Vein on PC via Steam has been very good and this Soulslike with anime art design by Bandai Namco has registered interesting numbers.

In that sense, Code Vein can be considered a popular title in its launch, taking into account that it is a niche game, thanks to the maximum number of concurrent users reached after launching on Steam.

33,804. A figure that exceeds what was achieved at the time by Dark Souls in their original and remastered versions, which reached 11,248 and 24,505 respectively.

The debut of Code Vein by Bandai Namco in terms of its offer of games that have also reached the PC, has now been placed in the second position regarding the number of concurrent users. The game is only below Dragon Ball FighterZ, which during its debut reached 44,234.

Code Vein is a new role-playing game developed by the creators of the God Eater saga, including Keit Iizuka as producer, Hiroshi Yoshimura as director and Yusuke Tomizawa as team leader.

Its history will lead us to a near future in which the planet has fallen out of favor because of a catastrophic geological anomaly. In this world, the Revenants were born, beings born by supernatural means who have sacrificed their memories in exchange for maintaining their humanity based on consuming blood.

We will embody one of these beings and we will have to collaborate with other allies to explore the world and fight the monsters that inhabit it, although we will also have to worry about drinking blood so that we don’t become an uncontrolled beast.

The game offers a wide variety of weapons, from long swords, axes, hammers, gigantic swords or bayonets, each of them with special variants and designs, as in other games of the genre. Code Vein implements a system that allows us to create special and unique game styles for each player, greatly personalizing the experience.

The combat, for example, presents us with eight different gifts, improvements in defense and attack and passive skills or gifts, which are obtained with armor and equipment. Given that we are vampires, known as Revenants, we will have to pay attention to the drainage action, which will give us more energy, and that will serve to make more devastating combos.

They developed the title in Unreal Engine 4. This, in addition to giving the game a spectacular graphic section, allowed creators to adjust the gameplay very accurately based on the comments of internal tests by players.

This engine also helped them to create demolished urban environments, gigantic creatures and anime aesthetic characters.

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Code Vein is an Anime action RPG that takes the base mould as many games of its kind and adds onto it with a flexible playstyle system as well as AI companions.

I remind you that Code Vein released on September 27, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).

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