Code Vein Endings Guide

As any good AAA title of this era we have the luxury of having multiple endings for Code Vein that...

As any good AAA title of this era we have the luxury of having multiple endings for Code Vein that you have to unlock. Everyone will get at least one ending but in case you want to experience them all by meeting different ending requirements. There are a total of three separate endings available in Code Veins and it is not that difficult to experience all of them.

Code Vein Endings

The process to get all the endings is easy but lengthy since it requires you to fight all the Successors because you kind of have to play the whole game thrice to get to each different endings since the decisions you make affect the endings which are also affected by the successor battles.

The four key successors that you must interact with in different ways include:

  • Successor of Ribcage( Cathedral of Sacred Blood)
  • Successor of Breath( Ridge of Frozen Souls)
  • Successor of Claw( City of Falling Flames)
  • Successor of Throat( Crown of Sand)

The Vestiges are the red crystals found in the same area where you fight the bosses, once you have collected all the vestiges( memories) you can choose any of the ending as follows Note that each ending will give you a trophy, one for all the possible endings; bad, neutral and good. If you finish each ending then you get Determiner of the Fate Trophy.

Heirs Ending – Bad

You will have to kill every Successor to get the “Bad” ending in the game. To do this all you have to do is walk out of the door after defeating the boss in the Vestige Memory of the Successor.

Statues must not be interacted with, you need to just get out of there. You will also get a Unique Blood Code after killing each successor which would be different from the one you would get if you saved them. So, if you do not restore them that means that they die and you get Heirs Ending.


Eternity Ending – Neutral

Don’t kill all the Successors for this ending i.e. let at least one live to end the game with the “Neutral” ending.

You will need to locate all the Vestiges that are related to the Blood code of the character which is not that hard to do because they are mostly located in the areas the go towards the boss.

Dweller in the Dark – Good

The “Good” ending happens when you save every Successor and find all the Eos Vestiges and then give them to Io.

First of all, locate all corresponding Vestiges for each successor and for that you will have to explore all of The Cathedral of Sacred Blood, Ridge of Frozen Souls, City of Falling Flame, and Crown of Sand.

Just fight with the Successors as you normally would and when you get in their memory, they will convert in to a statute then you need to interact with the character and choose “Restore Memory” and by doing so you will save the successor.

You will have to go back to the outside of the crypt to get every Eos Vestiges after the battle with the Successor and the rest of them will be located in the Final area called the Provisional Government Center.

These are all the ending that we know of. If we missed anything or you want us to write about something let us know.

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