Code Vein Beginners Tips – Ichor, Home Base, Regeneration Upgrades

Code Vein is finally out ending everyone’s anticipation. People have been endlessly comparing it with Dark Souls, pointing out all the similarities between the two games. Below we have written all the Beginners Tips and Tricks that are going to smooth out your journey through Code Vein and will easily unfold the mysteries of controls without you getting frustrated.

Code Vein Beginners Tips

The game features the use of gifts which are basically the passive and active abilities you use in your combat in Code Vein. These gifts allow you to customize the abilities of your player and give them a new strength in the game.

These gifts are divided into three categories namely i.e. Light Gifts, Dark Gifts, and Skill Gifts. You use your Ichor for the Gifts that you get in the game.

Store as Much Ichor as you Can!

Each Blood Code in the game has different Ichor depending on the number of gifts found under that Blood Code.

You need to get as much Ichor as you can in the game. You need this Ichor to use an Active Gift so it is always useful to have extra. You need to charge your drain attack first before you can get Ichor. You charge it by pressing X/A and then hit the enemy.

As you hit them, you will be drawing there Ichor out which in turn is going to fill up the gauge beside your Ichor number and once it fills up, you gain one Ichor.

Your Home Base is your Den!

To relax down a bit and give themselves some peace for a little time, Louis along with his partners, converted the Old Chapel into their Home Base.

It is where all the Revenants gather and make each other feel better and remind them that they are not the only one in this battle. The Home Base allows you to strengthen your character by providing you different services. These services include:

Rest at a Mistle
At the Mistle, you can upgrade your player level, inherit gifts by checking the Blood Codes you have obtained, use your Ichor, and much more.

Training Grounds
It allows you to test out various Weapons or Blood Veils, how to move around, or by simply honing your skills in battle.

Trade Items
You trade items by speaking to one of the merchants i.e. Davis, Rin Murasame, or Coco. You will have to trade in any of your acquired trading items in exchange for trading points to obtain special items.

Upgrade your Gear
Your gear is the most important item you require to survive in the game. Louis has all the equipment you need. You can purchase or sell equipment and upgrade or transform your equipment to your desired type.

Notice Board
If you have lost your way and do not know where to go from here then you can always check the Notice Board located near Io. Interact with it and you are going to find all the information on your tasks.

Change your Appearance
Customization of your character is also a feature that the game allows you to have at the Home Base. You can change the whole look of your character by interacting at the mirror, which is located beside the car Coco is sitting on.


Haze is your currency in Code Vein but it also levels up your character. This gives your stats a boost and knowing that it’ll be very expensive to level up further in the game, we would suggest you put most of your money on leveling up the character.

You can buy skills with your Haze but you’ll unlock them eventually in the game so you know, why not wait?

You can purchase new items from the characters at home base or upgrade your weapons so they can deal more damage to the enemies by using Haze as well.

One thing that you need to remember at all cost is that if you die in the game then you will, you will be losing all your Haze at that location and you need to go and collect it before you perish and lose it forever.

Drain Attack

Charge your Drain Attack by pressing X/A. You can add the Drain Attacks in your combos as well by pressing R1 +X/A. Pulling off a parry or back attack also ends up in a Drain Attack which again drains the enemy’s Ichor.

Now just end it by restoring your supplies by using the consumable items. You can’t use your parry when the enemy lands an attack on you but you can wait for the time when they are winding up and use the parry then.

Use your Money on Weapons

Firstly, make sure that you use your money to upgrade your weapons. You don’t really get many weapons in the game but it’s only smart to upgrade whatever you’ve got.

You are also allowed to equip and swap between two weapons but you can just pick one weapon and add in it to make it the strongest.

You have to remember that your weapons use the Ichor you collect so it’s not always a good idea to use the weapons.

Blood Codes

Blood Codes are like different classes in Code Vein. These decide on the amount of health, stamina, the stats but also your mobility and the gifts that you get.

Yes, you can change the codes on command but changing the Blood Code will affect your stats and other abilities as well.

Blood Codes also decide on the weapons and Blood Veils that you use in the game so make sure to check that when you are changing your Blood Code, what are you getting in return. It completely depends on the style of the game you like to play.

Boss Fights

In Code Vein, every step of the way you are going to come across boss fights in the game. Your boss can be tough and tougher so it is always smart to prepare yourself for what’s to come ahead in the fight.

The earlier boss fights are easier to reach than the later ones in the game but by then hopefully, you’ll have enough experience and stamina to overcome that problem.

Mostly when you are starting a fight, the boss is always ready to attack so make sure to be in a defensive state at that time. If your bosses are changing states then they are getting stronger and take less damage so it is also important to up your game as well.


Since your blood type which is Void-Type is a broken blood type, it allows for you to accommodate the special abilities of other Revenants as well through a Vestige.

Absorbing the Vestiges allow you to unlock memories of different people and also gives you the abilities to use the skills of different people.

Vestiges come from progressing in your story and also the boss fights. Some blood codes allow you to find Vestiges around the world.

This allows you to unlock more Gifts and use them. Now you have an upper hand. To use these, you can go to Io, who’ll be the one restoring these.

Regeneration Upgrades

Since we know the conditions of the game, we know that regeneration plays a big part in it. Regeneration upgrades allow you to heal yourself for the hit points.

You are going to find these upgrades around the around and these will help you to increase the number of charges you get and how much each charge restores.

Thankfully, to use them you don’t have to go anywhere. You can use them anywhere, anytime.