How to Fix CoD Warzone Unknown Function Error

The last update for Warzone 80’s action heroes is now out. This update added some new content and a bunch of fixes for different bugs. However, according to the reports, players are experiencing a new bug after this update. We will be showing you How to Fix CoD Warzone Unknown Function Error.

How to Fix CoD Warzone Unknown Function Error

After the update, the complaints about this error are being made by the users of Xbox, PC, and Playstation. The new players are facing this issue the most while the old ones face this issue after the recent update.

They encounter this issue when they are booting up the game, and launching the game to enter a match. The error crashes the whole game and prevents the players to start the game.

The error message appears saying ‘Fatal Error: Unknown Function’ when players start the game and cause the game to crash.

This error also prevents any game mode to launch properly, including Shoot the Ship. The error is also causing problems while playing in multiplayer.

Players are unable to join lobbies and are kicked out. Also, it results in downtime while playing in multiplayer.

How to Fix An Unknown Function Error in Call of Duty Warzone

The players have tried many solutions before, but they end up facing the same issue again. Now, a lot of players have been reporting this issue on Reddit, asking for a solution.

Some of the players suggested some basic solutions like restarting the device, updating the graphics card, and installing the game again after reinstalling it, but nothing seems to work. Here, we are going to tell you about solutions that worked for the players. There are two different solutions for Unkown Function Error in CoD Warzone.

Solution #1

  1. Go to Document / Call of Duty Modern Warfare / Delete all files except the data folder.
  2. Go to Battlenet and select the scan and repair option. It would take 30 to 40 minutes to finish the process.
  3. Launch the game. It will ask you to update, so restart and start enjoying the game without facing this issue again.

Solution #2

One reason for this issue might be the problem with the Activision account, so try signing out of the account and signing in again. If this doesn’t work, try deleting the account and make a new one. Try clearing the browser data if the above solutions don’t work.

If you are playing in multiplayer and you are unable to join the game, there is a fix one can try. You can ask the teammate who isn’t facing the issue to get you in the lobby

I hope these solutions help you solve the issue.

However, after trying these solutions, if the issue is still there, try contacting Activision support. Since there is no issue on your side, surely the cause must be the developer’s end. In this case, reporting the issue to Activision support might be the only solution. Here is the link where you can report the issue.

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