How Does the Tempered Perk Work in CoD Warzone

With the launch of Call of Duty Season 5, the game saw few new updates with the addition of new perks one of which is known as the Tempered Perk. In this guide we’ll be looking at what the Tempered Perk is and how does it work.

CoD Warzone Tempered Perk

Warzone Season 5 brings to you the latest addition of Perks with the likes of Combat Scout perk and the Tempered Perk. Below we’ll be discussing how you can use the Tempered Perk along with some additional information about its advantages.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 Tempered Perk

The Tempered Perk is suitable for all types of players especially for the hardcore players due to it having an amazing set of abilities. This perk allows your armor to have 75 HP in place of the usual 50 HP you’ve had in the previous seasons.

Perk Advantage

Apart from that, you are now only capable of equipping 2 armors instead of 4, making you stay fully plated relatively easier than you used to be and with the new updates to the armors, you can now re-apply plates quicker than usual in a shorter period of time and can even conserve the armor in a much better manner.

Increased Durability

Being fully armored helps you receive a good number of damage points for healing purposes (50% increase in plates health). All these abilities allow you to head into the war fully prepared with longer-lasting plates and a greater amount of health to help you survive on the battlefield for a much longer time.

However, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind and that is to choose wisely as to which slot you want to give to the perk as you’ll have to give away the second perk slot.

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