How to Open Nakatomi Plaza Vault In CoD Warzone Guide

The Nakatomi vault was introduced with the release of 80s Action Heroes update for Warzone as a homage to Die Hard. In this guide, we will be showing you how to open the Nakatomi Plaza Vault in CoD Warzone and access the loot within.

CoD Warzone Nakatomi Plaza Vault

The Nakatomi vault in Warzone carries an ample amount of money and weapons that one can grab. These rewards will help you a lot during the match. You just need to show some skills to get the rewards.

How to Open the Nakatomi Vault

You can find the vault on the 31st floor of Nakatomi Plaza in CoD Warzone. All you need to open the vault is a keycard. There are three different keycards. Each keycard opens a safety box to give you different rewards.

Keycard 1 offers Specialist Bonus, Keycard 2 offers Advanced UAV, and Keycard 3 offers Contraband contract. The Contraband contract reward is the Bat out of Hell Striker 45 blueprint. Now let’s see what one needs to do to get all of these keycards in Call of Duty Warzone.

Nakatomi Vault Keycard 1
One needs to finish an Unfinished Business contract to get keycard 1. Three contracts can be visible to you anywhere around the Nakatomi Plaza. Keep in mind that these contracts are valid once only, so make sure you are the first player in the lobby to get these contracts.

In the contract, you will have to find three crates. The keycard will be present in the third crate, so just grab the keycard from the last crate. This keycard will help you open the vault.

Nakatomi Vault Keycard 2
This Keycard requires you to disarm the C4. You can face them anywhere in the building at any time. You will also see an alert on the screen repeatedly demanding you to disarm the C4.

Moreover, you will have to disarm four C4 charges, and then you can get the keycard. After grabbing the keycard, one can easily open the vault.

Nakatomi Vault Keycard 3
One needs to accomplish Arms Deal public event to get the third vault keycard. In this event, you will face AI enemies. After defeating all of the enemies, one gets the keycard.

This event usually occurs at the start of the match. Make sure that you are the one who kills the last enemy, as only the last enemy drops the keycard. If you successfully defeat the enemies, you can easily open the vault.

Opening the Vault

Once you get access to one of these keycards, you can open the vault and grab all the rewards it carries. Make sure you open the vault and grab all rewards swiftly, as there can be a potential threat from other players that can get in while you are doing all this.

Make sure you open the safety box that matches the keycard you have. Grabbing all three keycards in a single match can be a difficult task, so it is better if you collect one keycard in a game.

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