How to Find Crashed Satellites and Uplink Stations in CoD Warzone

Throughout this guide, we will help you figure out the location of the crashed satellites in CoD Warzone. It is a newly added mechanic that came with the Ground Fall event in Warzone so people are still confused as to what these stations do and how to find them in Verdansk, but that’s what we are here to clarify and help you with.

CoD Warzone Crashed Satellites and Uplink Station Locations

Now that the Ground Fall event is here in Warzone, people are trying to complete the event quests and unlock the rewards as quickly as possible. A few of these event quests will task you with finding the newly-added Uplink Stations.

Uplink Station Locations

These Uplink stations are just like the original Recon Stations; you go near them, stand in their radius and get the rewards once the bar fills up. As soon as the bar of an Uplink station fills up, you can call in a satellite and loot it for weapons and other items.

The tricky thing with these Uplink Stations is that they don’t have fixed locations. They spawn randomly across Verdansk and it is up to the player to find & use them.

When you go near a normal relay station, you can identify if it is a normal one or an Uplink Satellite by looking for an Orange icon next to it. If the icon is present, it means you are next to an Uplink Station.

Satellite Crash Site Locations

These Satellite Crash Sites also drop some really good loot so it’s not a waste of time to go find and fight for them. The placements of these Satellite Crash Sites don’t show up on your map so you’ll only find them randomly as you play and explore the map during matches.

There are however a few places where these Satellite Crash Sites spawn regularly and those are:

  • Krovnik Farmland: You can find this crashed satellite in the middle of the field
  • Bloc 18: If you look down from the Radar Array, you can easily spot this satellite near the salt mines
  • Bloc 16: This satellite is near the Airport tower, in the Gora River.
  • Gora Bridge: Another frequent spot for the satellite to spawn is on the Gora bridge; between Promenade Fairgrounds and Fire Station 12.

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