How to Play Call of Duty Vanguard with Friends

In this guide, we will teach you how to Play with Friends in Call of Duty Vanguard. The latest installment in the COD franchise is out and there are a bunch of cross-platform and multiplayer options in CoD Vanguard which we will explain in this guide.

How to Play Call of Duty Vanguard with Friends

Call of Duty’s yearly release this time takes players back to World War 2 and fans of the series are excited to play the multiplayer modes with their friends.

COD Vanguard comes with cross-platform support and we will be taking a closer look at it to help you understand it better so you can easily play with your friends regardless of which platform they are on.

To start things off, we will first be discussing the Split-Screen support in COD Vanguard.

Split-Screen Support

Just like in the previous titles, this year’s COD also supports split-screen multiplayer sessions. Although this facility is only available on consoles. (Both Xbox & PlayStation).

To start using split-screen in CoD Vanguard, all you need to do is hook up another controller to the screen and press X or A depending on which console you are on to activate the split-screen mode. It is that simple and does not require any further steps.

Vanguard Cross-Play Details

COD Vanguard comes with cross-platform support as well. This means everyone can play together regardless of which platform they purchased the game on.

Console players (Both Xbox and PlayStation) can party up with their PC friends for CoD Vanguard multiplayer and Zombies mode.

The progression in Vanguard is also cross-platform which means that if you started playing on a PlayStation 5 and later decided to shift on PC, then all of your progress will carry over.

You can go to the “Accounts & Network” tab in the options menu to Enable or Disable cross-platform matchmaking.

Playing with Friends

Once you’ve booted up CoD Vanguard, you can start playing with your friends but first, you need to add them as friends.

  • Go to the Social tab.
  • Click on “Add Friends” and add them based on their platform.
  • If they are on a different platform, then you need to add them through their Activision ID.

How to Join Clans

COD Vanguard lets you join Clans as well. Joining clans can help you gain additional XP, weapons, and operators. To join a clan:

  • Go to the Social Menu
  • Click on the Clan Tab and start the process
  • You need to name your clan, decide the parameters and rules pick an emblem, and also choose the privacy settings as well.
  • Once created, you can then send clan invites to your friends.

It should be noted that if you already had a clan from Modern Warfare or Warzone then that clan will carry over and you can continue being a part of it as you play Call of Duty Vanguard.

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