CoD Mobile Zombies Easter Egg Shi No Numa Zetsubou Guide

Fans have been itching for a Zombie mode in a Call of Duty game for some time now, and with the absence of said mode in the recently released Modern Warfare (2019), fans were understandably disappointed. However, Call of Duty Mobile has offered to scratch that itch, complete with zombies easter eggs and all. This CoD Mobile Zombies Easter Egg Shi No Numa Zetsubou guide will focus on this specific easter egg.

Zombies mark the return of several classic maps, enemies and weapons, but most importantly, it offers new, never-before-seen content! One such thing is the Easter Egg Boss Fight that players can choose to partake in. The process of getting to this boss fight can be a bit tricky, so this guide will help you out!

CoD Mobile Zombies Easter Egg Shi No Numa Zetsubou

This secret boss fight can only be unlocked in the Heroic Raid Mode; it’s not available in Survival. It is also only available on the Shi No Numa Map, and there are several steps you’ll need to follow precisely in order to unlock the secret boss (otherwise you’re going to get the regular ol’ boss that I’m sure many of you have already beaten).

This can be attained even if you play solo, but due to how difficult Heroic Raid Mode is, it’s recommended that you form a squad and tackle this together; you’re less likely to die that way.

On the outer walkway of the map, you’ll notice a small room (resembling a shed) with a red box outside.

When you interact with the red box, you’ll be given the option to ‘Repair’ it, however, to do so, you’ll need a few parts. ‘Repairing’ this is the first step in unlocking the secret boss.


Spread around the map, there are cogs and gears; you need to collect them. They’re randomly generated so you’ll have to search for them on your own. It’s not a difficult task, mind you, as you only have to find two cogs/gears to repair the red box.

Once you’ve found the parts, head back to the red box and repair it; it won’t take long.

You’ll want to the previous step and all the following steps as quickly as possible.

You’ll be given a very short amount of time on the map (40 minutes, to be exact) and every second counts. Don’t dilly-dally, get right to it as soon as you spawn!

The purpose of fixing that box is to actually unlock the way to Zetsubou No Shima. Once you’ve repaired the box, enter the small shed and you’ll be given the option to ‘Start’.

Do so and you’ll immediately be transported to Zetsubou No Shima – the place where you’ll get to fight the secret boss.

This is already quite cool, as not only is it a great callback to previous Call of Duty Zombie Modes, but is just a fun and entertaining way of providing the fans with a sprinkle of the extra.

You’re not done, however. Simply getting to this location does not guarantee that you get to face off against the secret boss.

The next step involves you going into the side room and looking for blue plants. These blue plants can specifically be found in the lab, which is on the left side of the map.

After locating these blue plants, destroy them! You’ll need to kill each and every blue plant in the area in order to progress.

Afterward, exit the lab and head to the room that is right from where you entered.

On the backside of the room, there will be a desk with a red light. Interact with this desk and you’ll be given a Code (it will be written in red).

And that’s it! Once you’ve completed all these steps, you’ve guaranteed for yourself an encounter with the secret boss – Jubokko.

Return to Shi No Numa and prepare for his eventual arrival. You’ll need to beat all waves of zombies before Jubokko actually appears.

In the meantime, gather as many supplies as you can, get the best Buffs and upgrade them; you’ll need everything in your arsenal to take this secret boss down