COD: Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland Map Locations – Power, The DJ, ATMs, Lost and Found, Souvenir Stations, Arcade

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is this year’s installment in the long-running shooter franchise from Activision. Infinity Ward, the creator of Modern Warfare series, is behind Infinite Warfare.

For the first time ever, the series is heading into space which means we could only be a couple of installments away from going full-on Star Wars. There are many new features and changes introduced such as the addition of the Jackal, new gadgets, more customizations for Multiplayer, and much more.

The campaign gives you decent 8-10 hours of action and multiplayer combined with Zombies in Spaceland adds to the value of Infinite Warfare.

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Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland Map Locations

Zombies is a popular mode that returns for Infinite Warfare. It is the first time Infinity Ward is releasing a zombies mode and it looks pretty fun. The entire zombie’s map consists of different locations where you find The DJ, ATMs, and would need to turn on the power.

Turning on the Power

Turning on the power requires switching 5 different power switches. The first switch is in the starting area and it is very easy to find. You need to go to the back left-hand corner to find the switch inside a room. The room is marked with a yellow lightning bolt so it isn’t hard to find.

Switch # 1: The first switch is in the starting area and it is very easy to find. You need to go to the back left-hand corner to find the switch inside a room. The room is marked with a yellow lightning bolt so it isn’t hard to find.

Switch #2: The second switch is inside the “Journey Into Space” section of the map.

Once you enter the area head left and you will notice “Galaxy Journey” building on the right. Follow the path next to it and head left after opening the next area via the prompted button.

Keep heading straight and you will come across a small set of stairs. Go up and you will see another portal power switch to the right. Follow the same path to enter the opposite building via the open doorway. The lever is to your right up to the small set of stairs.

Switch #3: The third switch lever is inside the same area but rather than turning left from “Cosmic Cinema,” go right. The path will take you straight to an arcade area where the lever is located on a wall to your right near the entrance.

Switch #4: The next lever is inside the area located behind the main portal. Enter “Polar Peak” and follow the path to the top of the “Polar Peak” at the upper section of the gift shop. Go up the slope inside the gift shop to reach another door that will give you access to the final lever.

Switch #5: Enter the Kepler Area and go through the second barricade to your right. You will come across a small flight of stairs to your left. The switch is on top of the stairs.

The DJ of Zombies in Spaceland

There is a DJ that plays some funky tunes while you are busy facing ruthless zombies. There are many easy to find DJ stations on the map but The DJ only plays in one station at a time. The easiest way to find where he is, is to follow the music. He can offer you certain tasks to complete.

ATMs of Zombies in Spaceland

Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland brings ATMs for a wide team account. They are located near the park entrance where you and your team can withdraw or deposit the money you earn. This is really helpful for the players who aren’t very good at the game so therefore, can’t earn much cash.

Their teammates can help them out by depositing cash into the ATMs. Money can be used to get new weapons and customizations. This is also very helpful if you wish to save your money in case you die in a multiplayer game.

Understanding Tickets

In Zombies in Spaceland, tickets are your secondary currency. There are mini-games scattered, mostly in the arcade area and Polar Peak that give tickets. However, there are other ways to earn them.  Zombies drop goodie bags, and they are awarded when you catch zombies in traps in the park.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found section is located near the entrance of the map. Here, you can recover the weapons you lost upon death. But keep in mind that you would need to hurry up as they tend to vanish.

Souvenir Coins

During your time with the Zombies in Spaceland, you will get commemorative prizes dropped by the zombies you kill. Sometimes they will drop coins – Red, Green or Blue. Using them on Souvenir machines will get you different prizes.

Souvenir Stations

Zombies will drop coins that can be used at Souvenir Stations, one of the stations is located behind the main portal. You will get special prizes, depending on the order of the coins you deposit. There are three colors of coins – Red, Green, and Blue.

  • Green – Green – Red (Blue – Blue – Blue): Sentry Turret
  • Green – Green – Blue (Red – Red – Green):  Boom Box
  • Green – Red – Blue: Kindle Pops
  • Red – Red – Red: Medusa
  • Green – Green – Green: Revocator
  • Red – Red – Blue: Fireworks Trap
  • Blue – Blue – Red: Laser Window Trap
  • Blue – Blue – Green: Electric Trap

Arcade on Zombies in Spaceland

There is a fully playable arcade in Spaceland with minigames and much more. You need to head right from the Cosmic Cinema and follow the path.

Fate and Fortune Booths

Fate and Fortune booths are machines that will offer you a reset for your Fate and Fortune deck but it would cost you. There is a booth in the Polar Peak, up the slope. You are only allowed to do this a couple of times per game. If you have a powerful deck, resetting it can help you survive in later rounds.


Besides of killing zombies in Infinite Warfare, players can enjoy different mini-games. Most of them can be found in the arcade but some are scattered around the map. These mini-games will let you earn more tickets.

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