Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – How to Unlock Zombies Round in Exo-Survival Mode

A dedicated Zombies Mode in Call of Duty has always been Treyarch’s thing.

Although fans got pretty pumped up to see some leaked footages/images confirming the presence of zombies in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the retail/digital version did not include a dedicated Zombies Mode.

It was later revealed that the leaks in discussion were from a Secret Zombie Round at the end of Exo-Survival Mode. Sledgehammer Games has also confirmed an Online Zombies Mode which comes with the game’s Season Pass; priced at $49.99.

Those of you who did not buy the Season Pass and just received the game, want to get your hands on some fast-paced zombie action? Read on to find out more!

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How to Unlock Zombies Round in Exo-Survival Mode

To sum things up, you need to unlock the Tier-4 map Riot in Exo-Survival Mode. Here’s how:

How to Unlock Tier-4 Map Riot
The maps in Exo-Survival Mode are divided into 4 tiers. Tier-1 maps are unlocked by default, Tier-2 maps require completing 50 rounds in Tier-1 maps, Tier-3 maps require completing 75 rounds in Tier-2 maps, and Tier-4 map requires completing 100 rounds in Tier-3 maps.

This may sound a bit confusing, but you do not have to reach Round #50 in a single map. For example, if you wish to unlock Tier-2 maps, you can play 10 rounds of Bio Lab and 40 rounds of other maps.

How to Unlock Infected/Zombies Round in Riot
While playing Tier-4 map Riot, reach Round #10 during which a DNA Bomb will drop in; infecting all your enemies and kind of transforming them into zombies. These are not your regular Call of Duty zombies, but exceedingly agile like World War Z styled zombies.

I believe that DNA Bomb contained the Manticore which has led to this devastation, but again, just my own theory. Anyway, successfully completing the Bonus Zombies Survival will trigger a cut-scene.

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