The Coalition Talks About Gears of War 4 Gameplay

Game Informer’s April issue covering Gears of War 4 gameplay, environments, and characters is not just limited to text on its website and in its magazine: it’s also now on video.

Posted a few hours ago, Game Informer showed us a video of Rod Fergusson, head of The Coalition, and lead campaign designer Matt Searcy, and what they planned on doing with the campaign.

While the gameplay shown is just the E3 footage all over again, Fergusson and Searcy told us all about the ideas that they had for Gears of War 4 gameplay, including the addition of the windflares (and how they can change the course of your bullets, send dead enemies flying, or throw your grenades back at you if you’re stupid enough to hurl them into the wind) and more.

One of the core differences in the game would be ways to avoid the “Naked Gun” situation in multiplayer of two people being on opposite sides of the same piece of cover, shooting and ducking away from one another despite being inches away.

While the mantle kick was included in Gears of War 3, Gears of War 4 gives way to a new way to solve this problem: simply grabbing the enemy by the neck, hauling them over your cover, and stabbing them to death.

The story, as mentioned in other articles, is more self contained. Now that there is no big war to fight (yet), the story is essentially just three people out in the woods at night, attempting to both survive and learn more about a threat that they’ve only just encountered.

Four-player co-op will also be going away, in favor of two-player co-op where the second player has a choice between either of the two side characters: Kait, or Del.

Gears of War 4 is set to release sometime in 2016, and if the Gears of War 4 gameplay is as good as they’re hyping it up to be, The Coalition may have a new killer app on its hands.