Clumsy Ninja – How to Get More XP and Level Up Faster

Find out different ways to get more XP and quickly level up your Clumsy Ninja.

If you have played Clumsy Ninja, you would know it is all about turning your virtual character into a master ninja. He earns ninja belts, learns special moves; take up all sorts of objectives to level up. In the end it all pretty much rolls down to how to gain more XP and level up your ninja.

Naturally, you’d want to learn more about how to do that, so we have compiled a handful of neat tricks that would help you in that regard:

Go for as many balloons as possible
If you want to go for the easiest and the quickest way to earn XP, you go with balloons. For instance, a Green Balloon will earn you 1,100 XP and will cost you merely 50 coins to get 10 of those balloons. The blue balloon is slightly more expensive but in no way less worthy. So, buy as many as you can and pop them.

In fact, for all the items available to you be wise and pick the best option out of the ones available to you.

Keep mastering a training item
Well, when you hit training it would be natural to complete it and head on to the next one because once you are done with a training item it doesn’t generate any more income.

On the other hand, if you are looking for XP, we suggest you continue training on the same object repeatedly as it will continue to give you the same number of XP every time you do it. Better the training item, more the XP it nets.


Don’t leave out any types of actions
Do not confine yourself to earning XP from a specific set of actions. There is the head stroke, tickling the ninja, throwing him around and whatnot. We suggest you try out each of them, as long as they are giving you XP – usually you don’t get XP for an action twice in 24 hours.

Do all the fun stuff
Now when you are in for XP, you should grab at everything that comes with experience. Throw balls at the ninja or toss him into a basketball hoop. All such things come with a nice pack of XP points, and the latter adds to belt knowledge of your ninja too.

Play regularly, preferably once an hour
Obviously, you have the game in your phone, and you always have your phone on you. So it will aid your XP points and leveling if you play the game regularly. Start off with the easiest training options and move up to the higher ones.

Quests are not all bad for the Clumsy Ninja
When you are done with everything else on your mind, why not ask your sensei for quests? Go to the dojo and tap the book icon in the lower left corner. Although the returns are not very impressive, they still are something as compared to nothing.

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