Cloud Imperium Says Star Citizen Squadron 42 Beta Will Be Coming In 2020

Cloud Imperium is saying that a Star Citizen Squadron 42 beta will be coming in 2020, weeks after selling 10% of the company to their investors.

Lots of people currently know Star Citizen as a game that’s been under development for six years but has raked in a ludicrous amount of money with few signs of real progress. However, Cloud Imperium has recently said that the Star Citizen Squadron 42 beta will be coming sometime in 2020.

Cloud Imperium Games recently made news when they sold off ten percent of their company to their investors for 46 million dollars, and also recently released their financial information for the past five years to show their fans how much money they’d gotten, and how it was being used.

Squadron 42 will be the standalone story mode of Star Citizen, starring big names like Mark Hammill, Gary Oldman, and Gillian Anderson, and telling the story of humanity’s United Empire of Earth fighting a war against the savage Tevarin, who are only opposed by the brave pilots of Squadron 42.

Star Citizen, outside of Squadron 42, will be much like Elite: Dangerous, being a space sim featuring open-world flight and combat and other missions that allow them to explore the entire setting. The game has had a number of alphas that have introduced players to various concepts in the game and a number of game modes, but the Star Citizen Squadron 42 beta will be the first beta passed out to people.

Hopefully, the beta coming in 2020 will also give us an indication of when both Squadron 42 and Star Citizen will be releasing, even if it’s still at least a year off. And hopefully, when they both release, each game will definitely be worth the wait, not only in terms of looks, but also story and gameplay.

You’ll likely have to be a backer in order to access the Star Citizen Squadron 42 beta, but maybe Cloud Imperium will make it an open one instead and hopefully we’ll end up getting the game out relatively soon.

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