More Cloud Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Streaming

Cloud gaming is on the rise and Capcom considers it can have a future with Nintendo Switch in this new space. Capcom released Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version, earlier in this year, which is one of the games players can stream on Nintendo Switch.

In a recent Q&A session, Capcom emphasized that this was an experiment, and it seems the experiment has been a promising one for the firm.
Now the Resident Evil 7: Cloud version is streaming on the Capcom’s Japanese server for Nintendo Switch.

The game requires an active internet connection to play and as a matter of fact, it is impossible to play it outside Japan without disruptions.

After the launch of the Resident Evil 7 on ‘Cloud’ Capcom told Wall Street Journal that there may be more Cloud games coming on the way for Nintendo Switch. However, Capcom didn’t reveal exactly what games it will be streaming on Switch. But we may hear something about this is the rumored 2nd Nintendo Direct for November.

While we did release a certain title supporting cloud gaming in the first half, this was done primarily for technological research purposes and did not have a significant impact on earnings. Based on the results of the research, we will internally consider further expansion into cloud gaming.

Although Capcom didn’t discuss its future plans for cloud gaming any further in their comments suggest that while Resident Evil 7 did not generate significant revenue according to what they have expected,, it at least has managed to engage enough Switch owners for further experimentation.

Capcom continued marketing Monster Hunter World – a game that has now sold 10.7 million units worldwide, 70% of which have already been purchased outside of Japan.

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