Cloud-Based MMO With “A Living World” Reportedly Coming To Xbox Series X

There is reportedly a new cloud-based massively multiplayer online (MMO) game in development for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

Speaking during a new episode of The Xbox Two podcast earlier today, Windows Central editor Jez Corden stated that Microsoft has been collaborating with Finnish developer Mainframe for a “cloud-native” MMO game. However, any further details such as the scope of the project, the reveal and release windows, or a confirmation over platform exclusivity, were not shared.

According to the official Mainframe careers page, the developer is indeed working on a cloud-based MMO game. The available job listings do not mention any platform or Xbox for that matter but do mention little details about the world the game will be sporting.

For example, the unannounced cloud-based MMO will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and will feature “realistic architecture” and “non-linear level designs for multiplayer player-versus-environment gameplay.”

Mainframe notes that it is building a “game of a lifetime” with “a living world that people will call their home for years and hopefully decades.” The developer furthermore points out that the world will “live in the cloud” and will be supported through the years to potentially invite “millions of people” from across the globe.

Something else of interest is that Mainframe appears to be exploring caves and the outback areas of Iceland. The Nordic island nation is known for inspiring a ton of Viking-themed settings in various media formats. There hence stands a chance that the unannounced cloud-based MMO might feature Vikings or at least take place in that time period.

Considering the number of staffers of Mainframe, the project appears to be in an early stage of development. The developer, and Microsoft, will probably wait a while before making any official announcements for Xbox Series consoles.

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