Cliff Bleszinski Is Done Making Games, Partly Blames Fans for His Departure

Cliff Bleszinski, who most people know from his work in games like Unreal and Gears of War has now said that he’s never going to make another video game ever again. Cliff Bleszinski said this in a response to a Twitter user who was complaining that he didn’t get a return for the failed shooter arena game known as LawBreakers.

Cliff Bleszinski is a former Epic Games designer and founder of Boss Key Productions so it’s a big disappointment to hear that he’s quitting once again after the failure of his two recent games including LawBreakers and Radical Heights.

The man behind Gears of War game has been a target of angry gamers recently due to the LawBreakers shutting down. A very upset user took it to Twitter to say that he bought LawBreakers to support him but has been unable to get a refund since the game was shut down.

To which Cliff Bleszinski replied by saying:

I paid my employees, their 401ks, and their health care – even months after the studio folded. So they could care for their families.

I didn’t take a salary myself for two years.

I get you’re sad, but god, this kinda shit is another reason I am NEVER making another game.

Lawbreakers was a failure and it was shut down because of the fewer players inside. It also got destroyed when big games like Overwatch surfaced so it was pretty hard for Cliff Bleszinski to keep up.

Now this angry response from him simply comes after a player mentioned his failed game which he might not want to hear about anymore. Asking for a refund does make sense but Cliff blaming his fans doesn’t.

This is not the first time he has retired so we don’t know if he really means that or not. He previously left Epic Games back in 2012 by saying that he needed a break. Though later he blamed people for killing his great ideas.

He returned back in June 2014 to work on LawBreakers which turned out to be a failure. His Boss Key Productions has also been shut down.

Radical Heights was another take on battle royale genre. But it was unfinished and had a very hard time getting the attention of gamers. Radical Heights was also played by Ninja on live stream but still couldn’t manage to receive the response they were expecting. then also confirmed it later by asking Bleszinski if the people should take his response seriously or not, to which he replied by saying “I’m done.”

Now keeping that aside, Gears of War series is still active as Gears 5 is next in line. Gears 5 is rumored to release in 2019 on the same date when Gears of War book releases.

Gears 5 is going to be very different from every previous game in the series. The Coalition says that the story changes in the game are going to be very innovative and the team is ready to take it a step further as they have learned a lot in past years.

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