Classic PS2 Shooter Black is Available on PlayStation 4

Update: Black is no longer available on PlayStation Store. It seems Sony has removed the listing.

Original Story: Black released on PS2 almost a decade ago and was one of the best shooters of its time. Unfortunately, it never got a sequel but we did get to play it on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later on.

Now, Black is back!

EA has released Black on PlayStation 4 as a PSN game. The shooter takes 1.1GB of space on PS4.

Black is Available on PlayStation 4

The game is available for $14.99 on the PlayStation Network.

Black was a critically acclaimed title praised for its story and gameplay. The game deserved a sequel and there were some plans that went into motion. However, none of them could go beyond pre-production. The sequel was cancelled early on in its development phase.

The cancellation came as a shock because EA and Criterion had plans to turn this into a franchise. Pre-production for Black 2 came to end in May 2006 due to creative differences between EA and the developing studio. The concepts never formed a shape.

Rumor has it that Stuart Black, a senior designer on the first game left the studio due to creative issues with EA. EA wanted to develop a co-op shooter and ditch the story elements. Still, work slowly continued on the game and many ideas were floated around.

In November 2006, Black 2 was mentioned by EA and it was officially confirmed. However, it was shortly after November 2006 that the project completely collapsed. We haven’t heard of anything remotely relating to Black since than.

Black is still deserving of a sequel and it is time EA reopens this closed file.

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