Clash Royale Tips – Elixir, Roles, Building Decks, Strategy

Clash Royale can be overwhelming for some players, especially when it comes to successfully countering opponent cards, maintaining an elixir advantage, and using that advantage to win more battles.

Furthermore, there are roles to be taken into consideration and of course building a balanced yet versatile deck to counter different situation an opponent might throw players into.

This guide covers all the topics along with some tips and strategies to formulate a strategy which will help players out and help them win more battles.

Clash Royale Tips

This guide basically details some basic tips and strategies to help you gain an elixir advantage in the game and win more battles:

Elixir Management

Throughout the game, both players generate constant supply of elixir. Since it is required for each play and counter play, you need to put the opponent at an elixir disadvantage.

For example, 3 Musketeers card costs 10 elixir, but can be countered with a single Fireball which costs 4 elixir – so a 6 elixir advantage for you.

You need to continue doing it until the opponent is no longer capable of countering your offense.


With a total of 42 cards in Clash Royale; each card in the game serves a different role. Since one card can potentially counter a couple others; it is a good idea to have a deck which has multiple roles.

Tank – Absorb damage, on front line, lure enemy units
Damage – High damage dealers, must be protected, can destroy structures
AOE – Deal damage in a fixed area
Proactive – Allows to push into enemy base
Reactive – Allows you to strengthen your defense and counter

One important thin to note here is that one card can fall under various roles. If you happen to read my Clash Royale – Best and Worst Cards guide; you will see that the most versatile cards in the game are the best ones and vice versa.

Building a Versatile Deck

You basically need to build your deck around your favorite ones. Once you have done so, you need to add in some of the versatile cards such as Fireball, Tombstones, Wizard, etc.

After this, you basically need to look over the entire deck and find any weaknesses to fill in. It is a good idea to create a balanced deck which has all the roles from tank to reactive and proactive.

Once everything has been finalized, add anything you are comfortable playing with or something which you think you will need to counter your opponent.

Basic Tips and Strategies

When important thing that you need to bear in mind is that the player with the first offensive action is always at elixir disadvantage; thanks to defender’s Crown Towers.

If two players having equal elixir contest under a Crown Tower, the player with the Crown Tower at his or her disposal will always win.

You basically need to put a player at an elixir disadvantage. However, it does not mean that you need to sit with max elixir and not doing anything at all.

For example, if your opponent is constantly playing cards and regenerating elixir; you are at an obvious disadvantage. Therefore, you need to counter your opponent’s each and every move and have a solid supply of elixir coming in.

When it comes to pushing, you basically need to formulate a balanced frontline and take the fight to the Crown Tower at the same time. If you send in your troops one by one; they will easily be picked off by the Crown Tower.

In addition to this, it goes without saying that an ideal front line should comprise of tank in the front with high damage dealers and AOE damage dealers in the back. Moreover, a mix of aerial and ground units is ideal!

As for countering a push, you basically need to take enemy troops into consideration and then formulate your counter strategy. Do note that one card can counter several others which is what you need to take advantage of.

There is no point wasting time on the tanks as you need to deal with the primary damage dealers first as they can chip away your tower’s HP in no time.

To know more about how to counter and play each and every card efficiently; make sure to read our Clash Royale – Card Strategy Guide.

Last but not the least; we have the concept of split pushing which basically means pushing from a couple of different lanes. There are units such as Hog Rider, Balloon, and Prince which are insanely good at split pushing.

This is all we have on Clash Royale basic tips and strategies guide. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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