Civilization VI Gold Guide – Easy Money Making Tips, How to Make Money

Civilization VI Gold Guide to help farm more gold in the game and set your civilization on the path to success.

Money is what you need to succeed in life as well as Civilizations VI. So far we haven’t been able to find a glitch or bug that allows us to farm money similar to other games. However, there are a few tips and workarounds that can help you generate money at a faster rate.

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Civilization VI Gold Guide

In our Civilization VI Gold Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about earning gold in the game:

Dug it Out

The game allows you to do plenty of things including looking for Gold at different places. Gold is the key to success in Civilization 6 and should be obtained from whichever source possible.

One of the ways is working the titles. Each tile in your region has a value so figure out which are the most profitable tiles by going to the options menu and selecting Show Icon Yield Icon.

Keep in mind that coastal tiles offer Gold and additional Gold can be earned from Fish, crabs, and whales.

Increase Citizenship

This is probably the most effective way to make Gold in the game. What you need to do is increase your population in each District and make everyone work for you, remember, you are the ultimate overlord. You can use the Manage Citizens icon in the City Menu and allocate citizen responsibilities. You can increase the population by creating wonders and working on culture.

Trade Routes

This is the best way to make Gold in Civilization 6. You need to create Trade Routes by sending your scouts, do research to Trade Civic, and start trading with the neighboring city- states and civilizations.

Here’s a tip if you are playing as Rome, use your All Roads Lead to Rome ability to earn extra gold.

It is not very different from the  ‘Brave New World’ form trade from Civilization V. This time around, your traders will be laying road between different your cities. This ability will build trade posts that are crucial for trade routes.

Trading posts will automatically be built in cities you create or capture.  Same is the came with roads, start building between cities within trade route range of your capital. Trading posts add +1 Gold and boost the amount of Gold you earn from trading routes.

We are talking about one extra gold for each city the route travels through. The best course of action here is to make traders pass through as many cities as possible before they reach their destination.

Exploit the Assets

Making money via trade route is made more effective if you can find the big hitters and exploit them as much as possible. Look for tiles with resources like Dyes, Spices, and Whales etc.

These items will sell for a decent amount of cash, allowing you to make the most from your trade. Work with other Civilizations that are willing to purchase these items and crank up the prices as much as possible while negotiating.

Be a Nerd and Research

One of the simplest of ways is to research and learn technologies and civics of Civilization VI. Look for the ones that will boost your yield.

You can increase your profits with Foreign Trade and the Guild civics. Meanwhile, banking and currency get bonuses on Gold income. Civ 6 is complex so you will need to pay attention to every aspect and be smart.

Keep at eye on what your people need, what other civilizations can offer you, and what you can offer them. Learn how to exploit the world and be connected with other civilizations. Civilization is economics.

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