Civilization V Multiplayer Strategy Guide

Civilization V multiplayer mode enables you to invite upto 16 players into a match with the ability to mix AI players with humans. Each player can be assigned a team, and then there are dozens of options that dictate how the match will be played.

Game features an ability to save online game and reload it at a later time. If you are starting Civilization V, you need to have a good grip on the basic concepts and how things go along in Civilization V, before you jump into multiplayer mode.

A sound understanding of everything Civilization V, will help you in your multiplayer skirmishes. You can check below the Civilization V guides, which will help you along your journey, starting from very basic to advanced tips, and strategies, which you can employ to defeat your opponents online.

Civilization V Multiplayer Strategy Guide

The Basics

Civilization V Beginner’s Guide
Civilization V beginner’s guide outlines all the basics of the Civilization V, and provide tips and useful information on every aspect of the game. Starting from very basic elements of the game to advanced rules, divided in three parts, you can start from Part I, and go on to read Part-II and Part-III for a sound understanding of the game.

Civilization V Resources Guide
Civilization V resources guide as the name indicates, provides all the information about the resources you will require to feed, upgrade, and transform your civilization.

Civilization V Terrain Guide
Civilization V features several types of terrain, each comes with its own unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. Knowing your terrain and which type of terrain would be more beneficial to you is the most critical information you require while playing Civilization V.

Civilization V Wonders
Civilization V Wonders are unique or historical buildings that give an advantage to the civilization when built. You can check their effectiveness in battle in this guide.

Civilization V Units Guide
Knowing what type of units you need in what situation will surely benefit you while playing online. Read this guide to get to know all the unit types, their strength’s, weaknesses, and effectiveness in battle.

Civilization V Bombs and Missiles
Nuclear arsenal as the last resort ? check this guide for more information.

Civilization V Air Combat Units
You can always surprise your opponent in Civilization V with an air raid, which becomes so effective in mid-to-later stages of the game. You can check this guide for what type of air combat units are available at your disposal and how effective they are in battle.

Civilization V Buildings Guide
Without structures, you can’t create an army, can’t accommodate citizens, and can’t build cities. Check this guide for the cost, technology required and effectiveness of every type of structure you can build in Civilization V.

Civilization V Research and Technology
Get insight on research and technology tree, which tech upgrade you would most probably need in which era and what are the pre-requisites to get that upgrade.

Civilization V Keyboard Hotkeys
In any strategy game, the last thing you want to do is, waste time moving your mouse. There are shortcuts there to speed things up, and in case of Civilization V, we have them all in one place. Check them out through the link.

Civilization V Guide to Civilizations
Wondering which civilization suits you best ? check this in-depth analysis of every civilization that is available in Civilization V to know just that.

The Advanced

Now that you have grasped concepts of how the game works in the basic part of this guide. We will outline the specific strategies of each civilization in the advanced Civilization V strategy guide, make sure you check back soon.

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