Civilization: Beyond Earth Resources Guide – Tips to Manage Strategic and Basic Resources

Resources are key to running any kind of city or nation in real life, and in Civilization: Beyond Earth things aren’t any different. While you may come across some rather unheard-of resources, they have their unique purposes along with the more conventional ones.

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Civilization: Beyond Earth Resources

Resources in CivBE are categorized into two types: Basic Resources and Strategic Resources. Basic Resources cover the most basic essentialities needed for everyday use in cities, and provide minimal or primitive bonuses that should help you just about running your civilization.

Basic resources will generally increase one of several attributes of your city: Food, Production, Culture, Energy, or Science. Strategic Resources on the other hand are highly specific, rarer, and require a bit of work to get the most out of them.

The result of the efforts of refinement and utilization of strategic resources comes in the form of your nation thriving and becoming the Utopia that you want it to. Many of the strategic resource are affinity-specific.

Note that not all resources will give you benefit in their raw state – some resources (especially strategic ones such as Geothermal, Petroleum, and Titanium) need to be refined through different facilities to give you the best bonuses.

Basic Resources

Algae is a useful basic resource that will provide you with food on the coastal tiles, and should be exploited whenever possible. Combine this with a water refinery for maximum benefit from your water tiles.

Algae grants +1 to Food.

Basalt tiles will grant you a good production boost that can get your construction efforts to finish much faster.

Basalt grants +2 to Production.

They might not look tasty, but Chitins give a surprisingly good amount of food and are pretty useful to get your city started and running early on. Try to build your city close by to a chitin population.

Chitin grants +1 to Food.

Copper is quite rare, but when you find it make sure you latch on to it, as it will give you a good addition to your Energy yield.

Copper grants +1 to Energy.

While Coral may not sound important at all, it actually is if you’re looking to specialize. Coral will offer a boost to your Culture at almost no cost, which can allow you to special your civilization much faster.

Coral grants +1 to Culture.

Fiber is useful for your startup as it gives you an extra bit of production.

Fiber grants +1 to Production.

This one is pretty obvious – it’s an easy supply of food that will add to the growth of your city.

Fruit grants +1 to Food.

Mushrooms are great food (provided you pick out the right ones), and Fungus also gives you penicillin, so make sure you excavate this useful resource whenever you can.

Funger grants +1 to Food.

Seriously, what kind of a civilization would not utilize gold? Grab it whenever you can!

Gold grants +1 to Culture.

Resilin is analogous to a spider’s silk in real life, and while scientists in actuality are still desperately trying to search for silk in abundance due to its many applications, Civilization already has these weird worm-like creatures that produce it in abundance.

Resilin grants +1 to Production

Silicon dominates electronics, which is why your scientists and engineers would love it if you could get your hands on Silica as quickly as possible. This is probably the top two or three basic resources that you need to look out for when you are deciding to build your city.

Silica grants +2 to Science

Tubers don’t taste that great, and that’s why they aren’t one of the major resources, but it’s never too bad to utilize the gifts of nature, provided it is nearby.

Tubers grant +1 to Food.

Strategic Resources

Firaxite is the key important resource for Supremacy players, as it is used in almost all their buildings and units.

It is important that a Supremacy player identifies Firaxite locations early in the game and can construct their city so that accessibility to this mineral is easy; although you won’t be able to use it until a later stage, planning ahead will save you lots of time and resources.

Improvement Needed to Access: Firaxite Mine
Units Requiring Resource: Supremacy units

Floatstone is the main resource of Purity players used for buildings and units. If you’re going in this direction, settle your city near any Floatstone locations, and try to construct trades with nearby populations if they are not a threat to you.

Improvement Needed to Access: Floatstone Quarry
Units Requiring Resource: Purity units

Geothermal Energy
Geothermal Energy will give you addition to your Energy and is necessary for creating certain wonders. While it may not be an essential strategic resource for most, you should try and take use of this valuable source of energy so you can set up some nice wonders and can carry out major constructions with ease.

Geothermal Energy will grant +2 to Energy
Improvement Needed to Access:
Geothermal Well

Petroleum doesn’t directly add to Energy and Production unless Petrochemical Plants are made, but it does play an extremely important role in making all kinds of Mechanical and Orbital Units.

Having an abundance orbital units gives your city good defense and bonus resources, which is why you should be collecting Petroleum from the start so you have a good amount towards the mid game.

Improvement Needed to Access: Petroleum Well
Units Requiring Resource: Mechanical and Orbital Units

Titanium is a versatile resource that comes in handy for many types of units. Alloy Foundry will grant a +2 to Production per Titanium resource, and the units that can be built are large and versatile.

Improvement Needed to Access: Petroleum Well
Units Requiring Resource: Air and Orbital Units

Xenomass is the single most important resource for Harmony players. These type of players almost literally live off Xenomass, and the stability of their nation and military solidity almost entirely revolves around their search and excavation of Xenomass.

Harmony players thus spend most of their time scouting and securing Xenomass supplies, and denying other enemy nations this resource. This is a double-edged sword, as non-Xenomass dependent enemies can deny Harmony players Xenomass and severely cripple them.

Improvement Needed to Access: Xenomass Well

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