Civilization: Beyond Earth Resource Pods and Expedition Sites Guide

The best stuff is always the free stuff, and in Civilization: Beyond Earth you won’t be spoon fed regularly, so it’s always good to grab on to things that require the least efforts.

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Civilization: Beyond Earth Resource Pods and Expedition Sites

Two types of reward-heavy goodies are available in this game: Resource Pods and Expeditions.

While resource pods are almost instant little bonuses that is analogous to finding a quarter on the sidewalk, Expeditions are a bit more in-depth, yet twice as much rewarding.

Resource Pods
Resource Pods are free goodies that are present in the world from the get go, and available for just about anyone to grab. These pods give you all kinds of bonuses, and there is every reason to go around collecting them.

None of the bonuses are huge though, but this is itty bitty free stuff that will add a vital drop into your pool of resources. The more you collect, the more evident it will be how useful these pods are.

Resource pods generally grant you bonus Culture, Science, Energy, or an occasional solar collector – an orbital that generates Energy of time in a specific area of effect.

Though the additions to Science and Energy may not necessarily be life-saving, resource pods are a vital source of Culture accumulation, which is one of the more difficult resources to generate in this game.

Adding Culture will increase growth rate and get you a few virtues ahead of time, which is always a plus to your nation’s prosperity.

Note though that Resource Pods are scattered across the world, and are fixed – they do not move, they do not regenerate, and they do not spawn after a while.

They are available from the start, and once you or any of your neighbors collect one, it is gone for good. This forces you to consider two things: the time you want to collect the pod, and the risk you have of letting someone else take on.

Generally, it is always a good idea to grab a pod whenever you find one, but if you manage to discover one located in an area that you feel may not be accessible to neighboring civilizations, you might want to leave it for whenever you need a resource boost the most.

All kinds of workers and units can collect resource pods, and doing so is quick and relatively simple.

Expeditions are more involved collectibles than Resource Pods, requiring a tad bit of more effort.

However, they are much more rewarding, and unlike Resource Pods random expeditions are generated in the world map. This makes Expeditions one of the best ways to gain bonuses.

You can find Expedition sites from the start of the game, and while there will only be a handful starting points, more will gradually generate over time.

Sites include the likes of derelict settlement, alien skeletons, crashed satellites, ancient tombs, caves, or Progenitor ruins. Unlike Resource Pods, Expeditions cannot be picked up by any kind of unit.

Instead, you need special units called explorers to collect these. The good thing about explorers is that they do not need to start within your own territory to collect an Expedition.

You can have an explorer unit miles away from your city, but it can travel from outside your territory and utilize expedition sites without having to ever step into your own borders.

Explorers however do take a good amount of time working on Expedition Site tiles, but the fact that they are not restricted to borders makes them vital, and Expedition Sites become an increasingly important part of your campaign.

The fact that explorers can journey to distant places to collect these wonderful rewards is a double-edged sword.

Expedition Sites that are close to other colonies will cause those nations to become unsettled – they will complain, and you can either promise not to do this again with an apology, or you can tell them to deal with it.

If you still go to expedition sites that fall close to their borders, they will eventually become angry and tensions may arise that could lead to war.

While diplomacy and peace is the most cost-effective method to victory, a large set of Expedition sites may be worth fighting over if it is located near a colony which you could take on.

However, it is not recommended that you pick a fight against a nation that is ahead of you in progress; try to get the edge in a cold war instead of a blazing hot one.

The rewards associated with Expeditions however are worth the efforts, as very few things in the game would get you the same kind of treasures as expedition sites.

You can acquire free units, affinity levels, technological progress, population points, Production, Energy, and much more from these sites, making them a vital bonus that can accelerate your nation’s progress greatly.

For this reason, you should always look to have explorers around in case new sites are discovered or created.

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