Civilization 6 Mobile Guide – Gathering Resources, Early Game Defense, Leaders, Research Trees

Our Civilization 6 Mobile Guide will help with the new release of Civilization 6 on iPad devices. The guide includes some handy tips and strategies for beginners that will help you in various ways.

Civilization 6 Mobile Guide

Civilization 6 Mobile is identical to the release on PC, and by identical, I mean almost all of the features available on the PC release are also available on mobile. You can also play multiplayer on LAN. Since there are hardly any differences between the two versions, if you are coming from PC, you should not face any difficulties.

In case you are new to the series, our Civilization 6 Mobile Guide will help you get familiarized with some of the basic concepts of the game, allowing you to jump into the game with a brief knowledge of almost all the basic mechanics and not be clueless.

Gathering Resources

To expand your empire, you will need resources. In Civilization 6, resources are very important for both late and early game. Therefore, make sure when you are expanding, resources are nearby. Mining resources are not hard but you need to make sure that your city is close to a river, rainforest, animals, ores, etc.

Defense For The Early Game

A good offense is a good defense; therefore, you will need an army to defend your city from Barbarians and other threats. Building a good defense is crucial when it comes to defending your empire from outside threats. Having three offensive units around your base will be enough for early game.

Take Out Barbarians Quickly

Like you, Barbarians are always hard at work when it comes to Weapons, Technology, and increasing their troops. They can be pretty frustrating during the early game; therefore, try to deal with them at the earliest. As for eliminating them, you first need to find their nearby outpost using a Scout. Moreover, do note that Barbarians tend to grow in strength if left alone for extended durations of time.

Being Neighborly

Once your civilization is on the rise, you will need to form new alliances. Having your allies nearby will provide you with all the help you need in case of a threat. It goes without saying but Trade Routes are also a great way of spreading your culture and hard-earned money.

Choosing A Leader For Your Playstyle

There are 20 different Leaders in Civilization 6. Each and every Leader has his/her own unique characteristics and traits but to understand all the Leaders; first, you need to review them all. It does not matter whether you are pursuing a strong army or culture, you will always find a Leader that complements your playstyle.

Building Greatness

Buildings in Civilization 6 Mobile are one of the most important units and you will be buildings a whole lot of them. These buildings can harvest forest, mines, rainforests, and clear the land. Do note that harvesting food is better than doing nothing.

Expand Fast And Efficiently

As a new player, you would think that focusing on your primary city instead of other cities would do you any good, which is not the case. However, this will not do you any good; therefore, make sure you expand your territory as much as possible. When expanding into new areas, you need to make sure you bring troops with you because you never know what lies ahead in Civilization 6.

Research Tress Choose Wisely!

The path you take with the Research Trees are far more important than you think. You need to choose the tree, which you think can lead towards attaining victory.

This is all we have in our Civilization 6 Mobile Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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