New Civilization 6 Frontier Pass Leaked, More DLC Incoming

We’ll likely be getting more Civilization 6 DLC in the future, if a recent leak on Twitter about a supposed new Civilization 6 Frontier Pass is any indication. While nothing is confirmed yet, the leak did show off a Steam achievement list, showing off a wide variety of different scenarios both mundane and fantastic.

From what we can tell in the accompanying picture, the different achievements in the Frontier Pack appear to be in regards to at least two different DLCs. One appears to be involved in trade and resources, while another looks like it’s based on various disasters of all shapes and sizes.

Trade was an important part of many civilizations, with a multitude of the world’s greatest empires becoming filthy rich from taking territory that had highly desirable resources such as spices, silk, dye, and more, so it’s no surprise it’s being put into the game.

However, the meat of these new Steam achievements appears to be from a DLC in the Civilization 6 Frontier Pass that has to deal with the post-apocalypse or some other kind of natural disaster or disasters. The achievements mention comets, zombies, mutants, pirates, and more.

Exactly what all of this can mean is still a mystery, but the disaster movie genre is also something that can spell the end of many different civilizations. However, whether it means the end of a game or the start of another as civilizations attempt to rebuild from the ashes remains to be seen. There’s also mention of the game’s Red Death mode, so that may be getting adjusted too.

This isn’t the first time that Civilization games have gone the campier route; later Civilization 5 DLCs even allowed players to found XCOM, and previous Civilization 6 DLCs allow you to build giant war robots. Civilization: Beyond Earth also exists.

However this new Civilization 6 Frontier Pack turns out, if it’s legitimate, the apocalyptic DLC will definitely be some kind of game changer in the near future. Hopefully, Firaxis will be announcing this new Pass and the content inside it soon.