City Government Grants Ubisoft Berlin A $1.85m Subsidy, Company Plans To Create 150 New Jobs

Very recently Ubisoft Berlin was granted a $1.85m Subsidy by the Berlin City Government, which shall create about 150 new jobs in the company. Apart from that, the funding will be utilized for expansion of the studio, not only in terms of jobs but for newer developments of the studio.

The Berlin mayor said that:

“Berlin is a magnet for creative minds and companies worldwide.”

While the senator for economic affair Romona Pop made a Tweet saying that:

“I am delighted to be able to welcome one of the most renowned companies in the computer and video game industry at the Berlin location.”

In an interview, the studio manager at Ubisoft Berlin, Istvan Tajnay said that this is just an initial step, in the series of much bigger planned expansion steps that are to be taken. He said that the studio aims to become the epicenter for the Tripple-A development that takes place in Germany.

To honest, the brand Ubisoft itself is already an epicenter for the Tripple A titles but for Ubisoft Berlin, it seems like the developers want to take the Berlin studio, to a whole new level.

Speaking of triple-A titles are you excited for Ubisoft’s next Assassins Creed installment? Yes, referring to the one and only Assassins Creed Odyssey, which is taking us to ancient Greece this time. This new installment in the works appears to be Ubisoft’s most ambitious Assassins Creed title to be added.

Recently the developers clarified that this new title in the works is a service type product, which means that it is being developed in a type of model that would be long-lasting.

So fans can also expect newer contents, releasing more frequently following the release of this game compared to the standard DLC packs.

With all that said, what is your take on Ubisoft Berlin using the subsidy given by the city government to create new jobs? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: gamesindustry