Cities Skylines – How to Generate Electricity, Best Power Plants, Power Lines

There is a host of different methods to generate electricity in Cities Skylines. These different resources unlock as you progress through the game.

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Cities Skylines – How to Generate Electricity

You can generate electricity using Wind Turbine, Coal Power Plant, Oil Power Plant, Solar Power Plant, and Nuclear Power Plant. This guide is an overview of all these Power Plants and which one is the best among all.

However, before we get into those details, it’s important to talk about Power Lines and things associated with them:

Understanding Power Lines

Take a closer look at your created buildings and you will notice a blue area surrounding them. If your buildings are placed too close to one another, they will only create a single power zone instead of multiple ones.

To sum everything up, Power Lines are essentially produced to connect different buildings with one another. Ideally, these should be placed in such an order so as to connect all your buildings together.

Different Power Plants

There are a lot of things to understand when it comes to Power Plants such as cost, budget, investment per mega-watt, and pollution created:


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Once you have created your choice of Power Plant, you will have to bear the construction costs and maintenance costs. For a quick overview, Wind Turbine is the cheapest one and Nuclear Power Plant is the most expensive.

Oil Power Plant has a small construction cost but expensive maintenance cost and the opposite holds true for Solar Power Plant.

However, aside from construction cost and maintenance cost, there is another thing which should be kept in mind: cost per mega watt-hour or in other terms efficiency.

For the sake of keeping things simple, you should always avoid Oil Power Plant as it gets exceedingly expensive over time. You should only consider Coal Power Plant and Nuclear Power Plant when there is no other resort.

And lastly, I would recommend going with Solar Power Plant due to its high efficiency or low cost per megawatt.

Which Power Plant to Use

Although it strictly depends on your personal preference, I would choose Wind Turbine over Coal Power Plants any day. However, do make sure to generate 6 megawatts at the very least. The most obvious reason for going with Wind Turbine is its low maintenance cost which should come in handy in the long run.

A few things that you should note about the Wind Turbines are that these turbines generate electricity based on their location. Furthermore, the amount of Noise Pollution created with these turbines is extremely high to withstand.

As for Coal Power Plants, they come with 9 weeks of coal when first created. After 9 weeks, players must have a highway linked to the city or a railway track to acquire coal from outside sources.

If you decide to go with Coal Power Plants, consider swapping them with Advanced Wind Turbines. These turbines are unlocked once you hit 2,600 citizens. Keep on going until 20,000 citizens and you will eventually unlock the Solar Power Plant for reasons I mentioned earlier.

The reason I did not mention or recommend Incineration Power Plant is its extremely expensive maintenance cost aside from the fact that it causes tons of pollutants. The Hydro Power Plant is another option you can go with, but once again, note that this is extremely expensive. However, it can be created on any river in your territory.

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