How To Fix Not Enough Workers Problem In Cities Skylines

Fix for the Not Enough Workers Problem.

One of the issues that you need to troubleshoot in Cities Skylines is Not Enough Workers. Troubleshooting such issues requires exploring each section of your city and checking for multiple things. I will guide you over each possible troubleshooting method for the ‘Not Enough Workers’ issue in RCI zones.

Manage RCI Zones

One of the first things you need to check is whether the residential demand is being fulfilled. Always check if residential demand is high enough to require more Residential Zones and do so accordingly. Select the appropriate grid near the roads that can mitigate traffic constraints.

There can be instances where you might create an area with all sorts of resources but might forget or not consider deathcare. This can result in a low population and low workers. You can fix this by this by building a crematorium.

You may also build hospitals to cater to the elders and the workforce involved. This will ensure that the death rate is mitigated in Cities Skyline and that you have no shortage of workers in RCI Buildings.

If you isolate the residential zones such that their distance from the commercial zones is quite a lot, this can also create an issue. Always add a bit of the industrial strip near the residential zones.

Regulate Literacy Rate

Industries and offices require workers of varying education levels – some higher and some lower. You will, sometimes, find yourself manually keeping the literacy rate of your city low to match the demands in Cities Skylines. Make sure to build appropriate buildings that cater to either the high or low literacy rates in the suitable zone area.

This will incur a high cost but will also aid in less crime rate and more happiness. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check the building demand. Build more schools, colleges, and universities if your literacy rate falls short. Also, do note that overeducated citizens will work in industries only as a last resort.

Enabling Free Flow of Traffic

The most common reason is when workers cannot reach their workplaces in Cities Skylines on time. You need to ensure that there are multiple routes to a particular workplace with more than one transportation means available.

Furthermore, looping and referring to different road layouts can help you in the free flow of traffic. Try to create divergent paths that can resolve traffic in multiple ways.

Aside from buses, make sure that the metro or trains are also reaching the working area. Lastly, bus lines need to cover a chunk of your city. These bus lines need to pick people up, and there should be more than one reaching the working area in Cities Skylines.

Regulate Utility Supplies

Sometimes, Residential areas and industrial zones can have a scarce supply of utilities that can further lead to Not enough workers problem. To fix this issue, ensure that you supply adequate or maybe surplus supplies to both zones. This will provide a smooth flow of operations in each zone.

Build new houses

New houses are proportional to the increase in population that will take care of the low employment issue as it provides further employment opportunities in Cities Skylines.

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