Cissy Jones Is The Vocal Talent Behind Fury In Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 will be unleashed later this year and developer Gunfire Games has been revealing new details for the upcoming title. Now the studio has revealed the voice of Fury in the upcoming Darksiders 3.

Cissy Jones is the voice of Fury in Darksiders 3 and she is one versatile voice actress.

Cissy Jones has voiced famous video game characters such as Delilah in Firewatch, Sloane in Destiny 2, Joyce Price in Life Is Strange and other characters in games such as The Walking Dead.

As a fan of Darksiders franchise, I am quite excited for the upcoming title. The voice cast has always been a strong point in Darksiders games and seeing things haven’t changed for the upcoming title gives me hope that the game will be incredible.

While the game hasn’t released yet and developers have shown a slice of the gameplay, however, many are already making comparisons between Darksiders 3 and God Of War in terms of Fury’s weapon of choice.

While the devs have noted that God Of War is an AAA title but they still got a chance against it and could become a fan favorite.

The term “AAA game” is information that a huge number of specialists worked on a given title for several years, and astronomical amounts were spent on the marketing campaign. However, for others there is still a place on the market, you can still achieve success if you have a decent product offering interesting ideas and experiences. If something is good for you, if it somehow appeals to you, you will choose it anyway, without looking if it is “AAA game” or not.

Not only that, Fury will also feature four different elemental forms and we have already seen one in recent gameplay reveal along with a leveling mechanic and more.

Darksiders 3 is an action hack and slash game in development at Gunfire Games for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game will launch on November 27, 2018.

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