Chronos: Before the Ashes Pan Flautist Riddle Answers

Pan Flautist is a mysterious NPC who you will come across in your quest to find the missing flute. To attain the flute from him peacefully, you will have to answer some questions and this guide will help you find his location as well as all the Chronos: Before the Ashes Pan Flautist Riddle Answers.

Chronos: Before the Ashes Pan Flautist Riddle Answers

While you are playing and progressing through the second world in Chronos: Before the Ashes, there will come a point where you can’t advance any further unless you obtain the flute from Pan Flautist and place it on the statute by the bridge.

The NPC, Pan Flautist, will give you the flute if you reach him and talk to him. You will need to correctly answer his three riddles to make sure that he gives you his flute and you also get the achievement, Riddle me this.

Even though you can obtain the flute by killing the Pan Flautist, the achievement can be only be obtained by answering the riddles. First, let’s guide you to Pan Flautist, and then we’ll tell you the answer to the riddles.


At the bottom level of the jungle, you will need to cross the bridge to access the next section, but that is only possible if both the statues by the bridge are holding the flute. You need to find the flute for the statue on the left and for that, you need to go to the temple.

Return to the closet world stone and go left from the bridge and enter the temple. Go to the left side and down the stairs to go through the door into a hallway. Go up the stairs and then left to break the only statue down.

Enemies will spawn as soon as you break down the statue, but on the lower level, so use the stairs and get rid of the hostiles. Go to the next hallway and you will find another enemy here, kill him and then go through the door that just opens before you.

There will be a tool on the table in the last room after you kill the last enemy, grab it and go down the ladder in that room. Now go right and you will find another room here. Head inside and use your tools to grapple down to the area where you broke the statue.

Now you will be in a hallway, go straight till you find a Labrinthy Box. Take the box off and a door will open, go through the door to find the Pan Flautist playing a flute.

Pan Flautist Riddle Answers

Talk to the Pan Flautist and answer his riddles. He will ask three of them and their answers are as follows:

Riddle 1: A fire

Riddle 2: A Cat

Riddle 3: Neither

The Pan Flautist will give you the flute, which you can take back to the bridge and you can now progress through the game into the next section. You will also get the achievement.