Chronos: Before the Ashes Mirror Codes Guide

There are three mirror portals in the first world of Chronos: Before the Ashes that you need to unlock to advance through the story campaign. To go through these mirrors, you need to find mirror codes. In this guide, we will help you find the locations of the Mirror Codes in Chronos: Before the Ashes.

Chronos: Before the Ashes Mirror Codes

You have to go through two mirrors in the campaign mode, while the third mirror is to unlock an achievement.

Given below is a brief description of the three mirror code locations.

Ward 16 Mirror Code
This mirror is found at the starting hub of the game where you spawn for the first time.

This area is called Ward 16. The code for the mirror found in Ward 16 is inside the room with a see-through glass window. The code is on the top right side of the room.

ward 16 code

Going through this mirror will unlock the achievement Mirror, Mirror.

Library Bookshelf Mirror Code
To get the Master Key from the locked shelf in the library, you have to go through the mirror to shrink yourself and get inside the bookshelf. The code for this mirror is written on the hand antique placed beside the candle on the bookshelf.

Krell Guardian Arena Code
The first boss that you face in Chronos Before the Ashes requires you to go through the mirror before the battle begins.

The boss, Krell Guardian, can easily kill you in one hit. The only way to defeat the boss is if you become enormous by using the mirror.

When you enter the arena where the boss is sitting, look for the code on the wall located behind the boss. Use the code to unlock the mirror and defeat the boss.

Check out our guide on the Krell Guardian Boss fight if it gives you any trouble.

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