How to get Rare Dragon Shards in Chronos: Before Ashes

The main item you need to upgrade your weapons in Chronos: Before the Ashes is the Rare Dragon Shard. As the name suggests, it is not an item you can easily find. This guide will help you learn how to get a few extra Rare Dragon Shards easily in Chronos.

Chronos: Before Ashes Rare Dragon Shards

When upgrading your weapons, you will need at least sixteen regular Dragon Shards before +5. To get to +5 and beyond, however, you need Rare Dragon Shards.

Since Rare Dragons Shards are dropped only by enemies in the late game, and you need to defeat tough enemies to earn them, you may have a hard time doing so without a proper weapon.

Ironically, to get a decently powerful weapon, you need the shards to upgrade your weapon further. So how to get Rare dragon Shards? Let’s take a look at some methods.

Making Rare Dragon Shards

One thing you can do instead of scavenging for the shards, is making them yourself. Yes, you have the option to make rare Dragon Shards yourself pretty early on compared to when they start dropping.

You can do this by using regular Dragon Shards (upgrade items that are comparatively much more common) with Dragon Oil, which can be found in different areas in Dragon Inscribed chests and as a rare enemy drop.

To combine both of them, you need to first acquire both the items. Dragon Shards is a common drop at this point in the game and you will probably have a surplus of these. The main component you need to find is the Dragon Oil Material.

The first Dragon Oil Material is found after you kill the cyclops while wandering in the area right before the Golem.

The box you need to get it will be in your inventory as you pick it up. Open the box to get the Dragon Oil Material.

Also, when you reach the Jungle World in Chronos Before the Ashes, the stronger enemies here have a chance of dropping Dragon Oil Material for you.

To combine them, simply open your inventory, highlight either the Dragon Oil or Dragon hard, and select the combine option.

Then select either the Dragon Shard or Dragon Oil, depending on the item you selected first. Doing so will spawn a Rare Dragon Shard in your inventory, which you can then use to upgrade your weapon of choice.

Rare Dragon Shard drops

Near the end of the game, you can fight enemies that have the potential of dropping Rare Dragon Shards when defeated.

These will no doubt prove to be some of the hardest enemies in the game and you will have a hard time killing them, but it’s worth farming them if you want to keep on upgrading your arsenal.

This is all on Rare Dragon Shards, their purpose, how to get them and how to make them.

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