Chronoblade Beginners Guide

Our Chronoblade Beginners Guide details everything you need to know about getting started with Chronoblade including Tips and Strategies related to combat, quests, skills, etc.

Chronoblade Beginners Guide

To get an upper hand on it, we’ve compiled this Chronoblade Guide which every player could benefit from. All of these will steer you into the direction of upgrading gear for your character and mastering their skill-set. So lo and behold, here’s our guide to Chronoblade:

Choose Weapons Wisely!
Different circumstances and situations will prompt you to use different weapons. Since each weapon boosts stats in different attributes like fire resistance or more damage output. For instance, playing as Aurok and wearing the Bestla Set will allow you gain increase Earth critical damage and resistance.

His other set is suitable for an entirely different case: the Gyalp Set sacrifices a bit of Earth bonuses for Water and Fire boosts.

Before starting a battle, you can check out the certain weaknesses of the enemies and know which weapon to bring into the heart of battle. There’s no ‘bad’ weapon in the game. Older ones don’t go completely useless.

Every weapon is unique in its own way and suits different cases.

Use Skill Points
Skill points and gold are the two variables that effect how well you can level up your character. Skill points are obtained as you progress through the game and you need to use them before they cap out at 10. This will regenerate skill points over time. Use them to fully upgrade your favorite hero.

Look at what character types you’re into playing and use your skill points to improve their abilities.

Complete the Quests
Earning crystals in the game is done by completing main quests. However, daily quests shouldn’t be undervalued. Although they may not contribute to the total crystal tally but they can help you obtain gold and experience points.

Moves marked with the ‘broken red shield’ in your ‘character moves list’ indicate that the move will be able to penetrate through armor and cannot be blocked.

These attacks can do considerable amounts of damage to your enemy and are carried out either by holding the heavy attack or performing a light attack right after guarding against an attack.

This isn’t just for you as bosses may also take advantage of this move. When a boss enemy is ready to execute an unblockable attack, you can see red-zones surrounding him.

This is the best time to dodge the attack by tapping ‘block’ twice. We recommend to turn off Auto-play feature i.e. Auto doge since it’s not really effective.

Some cancel-moves are also useful in combat. They can get you out of attack animations by cancelling that attack and doing a jump, block or dodge instead.

Went a little nuts and pressed the attack button foolishly? Don’t worry, press jump or dodge right after, this will supersede the attack move and you’ll be out of harm’s way.

Not only will this allow you to avoid hits but also allow you to hit back and chain moves together to form combos.

Additions to Your Loadout
You can boost your equipment by promoting, leveling up or crafting upgrades. To completely level up, you will have to use experience potions that you will find during combat, and promoting is observed by using the coins that you obtain at different stages. With this, you will see improved HP, weapon damage, mana and mana regen.

Upgrading, leveling up and promoting will allow you to gain all these benefits.

Since the weaknesses of different enemies vary from one another, you will need to have a number of leveled sets available for use.

For this, always check the map to see if what type of elements are offered by the enemies you face. Doing so will help you plan and make a big difference.

Grinding is very important in Chronoblade but, doing this will most certainly take you back to the start of the game for the grind. For this, you can even put the game on auto-play, but since it will take as much as energy as playing manually, you should be careful with its usage. You can put use auto-play for when you’re away.

The hardest level on which you auto-play will get you the most rewards. The red dots next to the icons will depict that there’s an available upgrade or a level up.

Once you’re at level 8, you will be unlock Limited Dungeons, the Adventure Heroic mode and the PvP arena. These will help you get a lot of bonuses.

In the store, you will be able to unlock a free chest that comes up every 5 minutes. This will get you some minor equipment shards, some crafting material and some experience potions.

There will also be a crystal item chest that is available to unlock for free after every 24 hours. Log in for these since they’ll offer you some crystals.

The store also features special offers that allow you to purchase items with crystals instead of money. So, you’d want to collect those crystals and look into such offers.

You can get a good amount of crystals by doing quests as well. Never be too close-fisted when it comes to spending crystals for this purpose. Though you’ll be wasting them if you’re using them to restore energy or continue in combat.

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