Chivalry 2 Best Weapons Tier List

In Chivalry 2, there are many different types of weapons available. Out of all the weapons, some are superior in combat compared to others. For your ease, we have categorized all the Chivalry 2 weapons into a tier list according to their usefulness in-game.

Chivalry 2 Best Weapons Tier List

We will divide our tier list into 5 tiers, ranging from S to D, S being the best weapons and D being the worst options, when compared to the others.

Not all of these weapons are available to be used with every class in Chivalry 2 as each playable class and subclass has its own limitations and set of weapons.

Best Weapons

S Tier – War Axe, Greatsword, Dane Axe, Messer, Longbow

A Tier – Two-Handed Hammer, Executioner’s Axe, Maul, Morningstar, Long Sword, War Club

B Tier – Halberd, Battle Axe, Falchion, Heavy Mace, Crossbow, One-Handed Spear, Throw axes, Polehammer

C Tier – Pole Axe, Glaive, Warhammer, Short Sword, Javelin, Sledgehammer, Cudgel

D Tier – Javelin, Knife, Hatchet, Shovel, Pick Axe, Spear

S Tier

The S Tier contains the best weapons that are present in Chivalry 2. The War Axe and Dane Axe are the best axes out of them all because of their really high damage and attack speed. The War Axe is available to the Crusader class whereas the Dane axe belongs to the Vanguard class. Their high attack speed and damage make them one of the best weapons in Chivalry 2.

The Greatsword is the best weapon of Chivalry 2. It is available to Raider and Devastator classes and has an extremely high rate of attack, good attack range and really high damage. No other weapon provides all these advantages together.

Messer is the best weapon option if you are playing as Knight class. It has really good damage but a slightly lower attack rate compared to Greatsword. The longbow is Archer Class’s best weapon. It has good damage, rate of fire and can be used in long-range combat, which is why it enters the S Tier.

A Tier

In the A Tier, Two-Handed Hammer is the best Mace in the game with the best balance of damage and attack rate. Both the Vanguard and Knight classes can use the weapon. The executioner axe has the highest base damage out of all the axes, but it does not have good armor penetration which makes it less potent compared to War and Dane axes.

The Maul is like the mace-type weapon for Vanguard having good damage but a slow attack rate.  The Morningstar and War Club suffer from lower damage compared to other weapons available to the classes. But good attack speeds make up for it.

The longsword is available to the Knight class, but compared to the axes knight has available, the longsword is not that special of a weapon. But still, it is really useful in some situations which makes it place in A Tier.

B Tier

The B Tier contains Halberd, Battle Axe, Falchion, Heavy Mace, Crossbow, One-Handed Spear, Throw axes and Polehammer weapons. These are the weapons that will be useful against beginner players but probably not so much against veterans. For e.g., the crossbow is a decent damage weapon but its rate of fire is really slow which makes it a bad choice in combat.

C Tier

The C Tier weapons include Pole Axe, Glaive, Warhammer, Short Sword, Javelin, Sledgehammer, and Cudgel. These are the weapons that are not suitable for all types of combat and using them may backfire and you will probably end up dealing more damage to friendlies than enemies.

D Tier

The D Tier includes the worst weapons in the game. It mostly contains the basic weapons or your secondary weapons. These weapons have really low damage and having nothing special to offer in combat. You are better off avoiding using these weapons unless necessary or to throw them.

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