Chivalry 2 Best Classes Tier List

In Chivalry 2, there are 4 main Classes, Knight, Vanguard, Footman, and Archer. Each of these four classes is further divided into three subclasses. For each class, the subclasses provide different advantages over each other. In this guide, we have categorized all the Chivalry 2 classes and subclasses into a tier list according to their usefulness in-game.

Chivalry 2 Best Classes Tier List

We will divide our tier list into 5 tiers, ranging from S to D, S being the best and D being worse compared to the others. Furthermore, we will also explain why each of these classes of Chivalry 2 deserves their spot on the tier list so you have an idea as to why you should pick this certain class when diving into this multiplayer medieval warfare game.

Best Classes

S Tier – Longbowman, Devastator

A Tier – Crusader, Poleman, Guardian

B Tier – Raider, Officer, Man at Arms

C Tier – Crossbowman, Skirmisher

D Tier – Field Engineer, Ambusher

S Tier

The Devastator from Vanguard and Longbowman subclasses are the clear standouts from the rest of the lot. These classes provide everything in consideration, versatility and a good range of situational weapons as well. The Devastator Class has the best melee weapons in the game. Whereas the longbowman class is the best in long-range combat.

The Longbowman’s ability to take down enemies from far away makes it a stand-out class and that is why it is in the topmost tier of the list.

A Tier

In our A-Tier, we have included the Crusader and Guardian subclasses from Knight as well as Poleman from Footman class. The Crusader is the 2nd best melee class in the range. It is very similar to the Devastator but is not as versatile. Its weapon choices are also a bit shallow compared to the Devastator. However, that does not mean that it is a bad class in any way.

The Poleman is the best support class in Chivalry 2. It is a really great choice for newcomers due to its easy mechanics compared to other classes. Guardian is also a great support character although from a defensive perspective. It can use its banner to heal the team which is a really useful ability. The healing banner remains deployed until it is destroyed which makes it a really powerful tool.

B Tier

The B tier classes include Raider, Officer and Man at Arms. The Raider is one of the most versatile classes in the game because of the different weapons in its armory. However, it is a bit tough to use and learn and movement speed is also not that good which makes it fall into the middle tiers.

The Officer is placed in B Tier because of its low damage output compared to other classes. However, its high point is its weapon durability, which makes it a really decent option. The Man at Arms also places into B Tier because of its decent armory. It is one of the best duelists in Chivalry 2 and their playstyle is a bit hard to deal with.

C Tier

C Tier includes Crossbowman and Skirmisher. While not being bad classes, they fall down the list in comparison to the other classes. The crossbow does more damage compared to the longbow, but it has a really slow rate of fire which makes it really prone to taking damage in fights.

Skirmisher is a decent support class that can use its javelins to distract opponents and also damage them. But most of its armory has throw weapons which are not always useful in every situation.

D Tier

Field Engineer and Ambusher are part of our D Tier. The weapons it has are not that special and have moderate range and damage. It is good as a support character but nothing special on its own. Ambusher is part of D Tier due to having no primary weapons. It carries two sets of secondary weapons which makes it a bad choice to take in combat.

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